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    I just found the forum. I am 29 years old and from Germany. I have been balding for at least 3 years now but I have only been self-aware about it for about 1 1/2.
    Judging from how everyone else in my family looks it seems to be genetic (my younger brother is balding similar to me but less advanced and he has a completely different lifestyle). Given this, I can probably only fix this with medication, which I am almost certain I don't wanna do.
    A week ago I decided to go for a buzz cut. I was tired of looking into the mirror and spending my time gauging whether my hairline got worse, so I am thinking of just going bald permanently and stop caring about it for good. My problem is that I am not sure if my headshape is great for it. I have kind of a big forehead, a long face and no prominent jaw.
    Is there a place in this forum for people who went the way of baldness or is this for treatment/prevention only? Curious about it. Looking forward to meeting you all.


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    Hello, Welcome to Baldtruthtalk forum. I read your hair loss story and i like to say that if problem is genetic then there is nothing more in your hand to deal with it. But if it is not genetic it can be stop & regrow hair back. At 29 there is lot of chance that hair will regrow (if not genetic problem). I suggest you to meet dermatologist once. He will diagnose first and then suggest your perfect treatment.

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    Hello, thanks for the response. I might make an appointment with the dermatologist just to be sure I explore my options, but there are a lot of indicators that it is genetic.

    On another note, and this is not directly related to hair loss, but can someone evaluate how my head shape fits a bald shave?


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