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    Default FUE 2686FU - Dr Lupanzula - Medikemos

    Hi everyone,

    I am creating this new thread to share the story of my hair transplant. I have been consulting many forums but particularly this forum a lot in order to find solutions to treat my hair and finally to find a surgeon for my hair transplant so I think it is just fair that I also contribute to the forum.

    Hair treatment:

    I have been treating my hair for 3 years in order to improve their quality and slow down the balding.

    I started 3 years ago using oral finasteride 1mg everyday and minoxidil 5% foam solution applied twice a day. After 8 months and observing no side effect just improvment in hair density and quality, I switched to dutasteride 0.5mg everyday. Eventually after a year I stopped minoxidil because the slight improvement mostly in thickness and few baby hairs was not worth it. It was very difficult to style my hair with minoxidil and whens styled they looked better...

    Hair transplant:

    Following 3 years of documentation I decided to go for a hairtransplant with Dr Lupanzula (medikemos) because he is consistently cited as one of the best surgeon in the world and praised for reconstructing natural hairline and being very involved in the procedure.
    I got 2686 grafts on the hairline which is a total of 5001 hairs:
    592 follilcular unit of 1 hair
    1874 follicular unit of 2 hairs
    219 follicular unit of 3 hairs
    1 folliclar unit of 4 hairs
    This is a ratio of 1.86 hair per FU which I guess I on the low side but that's jsut how my hair grow , by 2 haha.
    Overall the clinic is very clean, modern and lcoated in the posh part of Bruxelles. I met Dr. Lupanzula a day before the surgery to confirm the number of graft and to design the hairline. He took the time to answer all my questions, I first draw my hairline myself and then he showed me based on my expectation what is realistic to do, etc... He also shaved my head, took pictures and blood sample himself.

    On the day of the surgery we started a 6:30AM at the clinic. I cannot remember who clean my head but I think it was the doctor haha. Then Dr Lupanzula performed the extraction with a punch. Cannot remember exactly which punch I think it was a motorized 0.8mm but I might be wrong. While extracting a team of 3 technicians were sorting and counting my hairs. Then Dr Lupanzula took a needle and made the incision in the receiver zone while counting each incision one by one. After that 2 technicians placed the graft in the incisions made by the Dr. Overall I was very impressed by everyone's skill I could see the technician holding their breath while inserting the graft, etc.. everyone was really doing their best, I was moved around a bit in order to perfectly recreate the natural way my hair grow (at some point they swirl a bit, see pictures)
    We were done at around 5:30PM. The only painful moment was the injection of xylocaine, apparently it is not the needle itself but the solution which is very painful (due to the low pH of its buffer solution). I then slept a little took all the medication provided at the end of the surgery (ant inflammatory, paracetamol, antibiotic) and sprayed the 0.9% NaCl saline solution every 20min on my receiver area until I slept. As recommended I slept at a 45 degree angle with a neck pillow to reduce the swelling of my head and avoid the development of a massive oedema.

    My head was very slightly swollen (I did not personnally noticed it, the Dr did notice though). The bandage were removed at 7:30AM by the Dr at the clinic and my hair were washed with a spray solution of betadine and then an antibiotic antiseptic anti inflammatory cream was applied to my donor area. I wore a black bandana and took the train back to the UK. I sprayed the saline solution on my reciever area every 20min. Technically it is every 1hour from day 2 but the doctor told me if you can do every 20min you might heal faster. I slept at a 45degree angle with a neck pillow

    Day 3 to 5

    I washed my head and applied the cream once a day exactly as recommended and done by Dr. Lupanzula on day 2. I sprayed the saline solution every 20min (I had to buy some to top up at the pharmacy) and I kept sleeping at a 45 degree angle. The small oedema on my forehead was really barely noticeable.

    Day 5 to 9
    I slept now in a less awkward position and keep the same treatment. On day 8 and 9 I removed pretty much all my scabs by gently rubbing my receiving area with circular motion, everything came out quite easily, the scabbing was never really bad or horrible. I had some pain in the donor area, which is apparently nerve repair, I did not notice any alarming redness or swelling. I took some paracetamol when the donor area was painful. Everyhting looks better every day.

    That is where I am at now, the pain in the donor area seems to diminish so everything looks normal and sounds normal.

    I am now going to attach some pictures to this post.

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    So here are some pictures showing improvement with the drug treatment and then pre and post surgery. Some of the pictures are really neat because they were taken at the clinic. The others are just random pictures of me so the lighting and styling of the hair vary a lot so I put pictures with good and bad lighting and god and bad hair styling so you cna have an overall impression on what it looks like. What do you think of it? Hopefully my skin in the receiver area will be back to normal (i.e less red) in 7-10days. By the way I am 30 now in case it is a useful information.

    I will continue washing the hair with betadine etc for up to day 14 and then I will use a baby shampoo (I bought a random Johnson's baby shampoo) and will shampoo with this every other day for 1-2 weeks and see. I think after that I will be back to normal head and shoulder probably as my hairs tend to be greassy and flaky quickly. I think there is a lof of BS surrounding shampoo I have yet to find a single study that shows that a shampoo significantly improve hair growth (on a decent cohort size). I use nizoral in case I am really ichy etc but I do not think using ketokonazole on my hair everyday is necessarly a good idea and the proofs it help regrowth are limited. Same for any food supplement I think it is massive BS and that nobody in the west aside extreme cases need food supplementation. Basically I think aside DHT blocker and minoxidil nothing is proven to work (except female hormone for people who transition male to female) and minoxidil has actually limited effect in comparison to DHT blocker. By the way I never experienced any side effects on DHT blocker and will continue to take Dutasteride as long as possible.

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    This is a 9months and a half update. What do you think?

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    Thanks for taking the time to update your journey. I'm very happy with your progress at the 9 month point. Overhead light, parting and wet hair can make the hair look thinner but it's clear to see things are improving nicely from your natural daylight, dry hair pictures. I look forward to your next update!

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