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    Default WARNING! Do NOT use RU58841

    Guys, I tried RU58841 and I wanted to warn all of you to NOT take this drug!

    I only took it for a few days (I used only 1ml per day, which is a really small dose), and I started feeling a weird sensation on my chest. I tried a few more days, and one day a had a tingling sensation on my heart region and my left arm and back. I felt no pain but I knew these were symptons of a heart attack, so I got really scared and went to the hospital.

    Luckily, it wasn't a heart attack, but I noticed my blood pressure was really high (I'm only 26 years old, and nobody in my family has hypertension, so me having it it's really weird). A few months passed by, and I continued measuring my blood pressure. I'm having to see a cardiologist and we are still analysing all the situation, I had to go though several medical exams, and this all has been really a very unpleasent experience (on several days I feel some type of discomfort on my chest), I just really wished I had never taken this drug!

    I consider myself lucky, because I read other stories that went way worse than my, like people that lost sexual drive (since this drugs inhibits dihidrotestosterone) and even people who had heart failure and ended up dying. IT'S BETTER TO LOSE YOUR HAIR THAN YOUR HEALTH!

    I just really wish I hadn't taken this, and I want to warn all of you PLEASE DO NOT TAKE RU58841!

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    ive been on it for a year. No side effects. Seems to be slowing my shedding as well. you think i should stop?

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