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    Default Considering FUT HT, need advice on my options


    I have been considering HT surgery as my hair loss has gotten to the point where I am shaving my head close, which does not look good on me given my headshape and facial features. I have been using finasteride and minox for about 5 months. I feel like there is some re-growth but it is not enough to keep me clipping my hair close. I knew going in that I am past the point that those could really help, and I do not expect much more out of those medications but I thought I would try and see if I was one of those extraordinary cases. So far minimal side affects.

    Please see the pictures below. I need advice as to whether I am a candidate for FUE surgery given my existing progression. I know that I will never have thick hair again, but I am okay with having a "thinning" look, with more density than I have now. I would likely still keep my hair short (1/2 - 3/4 inch). Also, I expect that over time I would lose what I still have on top and the lateral humps over time. But is it realistic to think that I could achieve 5-7 years of thicker density? Is that possible with my existing donor area? Also I am open to using my chest hair or neck hair as FUE, but I know thats less common and with a lower survival rate.

    As I stated above, I expect to lose what is currently on top over time, so I realize that it would at some point look thin enough to need shaving again. But if I do that, would there be any scarring visible when it would be time to cut close again?

    In summary, I would like to know the feasibility of getting a thicker, natural thinning look, but with greater density to avoid shaving my hair close.

    I normally shave my hair close but I have been letting it grow out since I am working at home due to covid office closures.

    Advice and considerations that I have not thought of would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for sharing your story.
    Based on your pictures, I can see that you have a low capacity donor area and wide hairless area.
    Have you consulted any doctor? A good one must tell you whether you are suitable for a hair transplant or not...

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    Thanks for your reply Sammmuel. At this point I have not consulted a doctor yet. I have done some preliminary searching in my area and I was surprised that there were not many Doctors that came up in in the northwest. At least that I could find anyway. I did not realize that not everybody can be a candidate for HT until I started reading up about it on this site, which has been a little discouraging. That's really the next step for me is to have a consult. But I was also curious what others thought since there seem to be many people on this site educated on this subject.

    Thank you

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    That does seem to be a fairly large area and the donor looks like it has thinned to some degree.

    I wonder how effective a HT would be. If you do do a FUT itís possible the scar would show at your current length. They tell you it wonít be sometimes does...I have FUT scar and itís not even a bad one.

    I donít really know doesnít hurt to ask some doctors.

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    Thanks stevedawg
    I really suspected that may be the case as far as donor area. And both responses on this site more or less align with those suspicions. I will be following up with a doctor but I honestly foresee getting a similar answer.

    Thank you for your honest input.

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