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    Default No Results and Shedding after 5.5 months

    Hello,*I had a FUE 5.5 months ago implanted*4750 graftes with a very well known doctor in Turkey after research for 1 year, However, till today Iím not seeing any results or anything he promised and notice those points:

    1) my old hair is thinning and not growing in same implanted areas
    2) many hairs are still falling and shedding after almost 6 months now*
    3) I keep getting big pimples and bumps on the back area of my crown*

    He asked me to take minoxidil rogaine 5% foam twice a day 3 bottles for 3 months starting from 2nd month of my surgery & Avodart .05 mg Daily for 6 months (i'm almost 3 month on it) and to massage my hair daily with the palm of my hand which i do.

    I did contact the doctor several times and keep saying itís normal every time and to wait months after months, I just donít know what to do. I just want to see a small positive result and my hair stops shedding.**

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Name:	5 Months.jpg

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    Any advise what to do, I'm very frustrated. I need an advise from somone expeicnece the same thing or anyone can help me

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    Any advice please

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    Please someone advise me

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    hello Khaled,
    Sorry to hear about your case.
    Normally shedding continues 4-5 month and new, strong hair starts regrowing. But, this is very individual. Wait for 5 more month to make a conclusion. I realize how frustrating it may be, but there is nothing to do... only wait.
    good luck.

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    From the images(5th month vs before) it looks like the growth has just started to kick in. Give it some more time. This is the chart thats commonly used to track growth timeline.

    Can you tell me who was the surgeon?

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    Hello All,

    Thank you all for your messages, it's now almost 6 month science my surgery but i'm very disappiointed with the result till now, most of people they al least have a good growth within 6 month an mine is not even 5%

    Regarding the shedding, as the doctor told me i have to massage my head daily i do see ton of hairs comming in my hand and other fallen which make me feel much worst.

    I didn't cheap out on my surgery i had it with Dr. Yetkin BAYER in Turkey, he supposely won a award for best hair transplant doctor in Turkey in 2019

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