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    Hey new to this site.

    I'm hoping for a little insight.

    I'm coming upto 3 months on Min and 2 months on topical Fin, I've been going through a HUGE shed of terminal hair, talking from hair to a large completely smooth bald patch but things seem to have settled down and there is regrowth coming in (can't tell if its new growth or just hair lost during the massive e shed).

    I have a lot of vellus hair at in the crown area ranging from a few mm in length to around 2cm. I'm not certain if this vellus type hair is pre med miniaturised hair or hair coming in from the meds. Over the last 3 days there is a large amount of the vellus hair shedding, every time I grab it a few hairs will come out.

    Regarding vellus hair, if this is shedded terminal starting to come back in, is it possible for them to be having a second shqed already? I thought that once they started to grow they would mature and become thicker in the same this correct or do the hairs have multiple sheds and become thicker each time?

    If these are miniaturised hairs why would they have continued to grow during the initial shed while strong hairs were falling only to start dropping now after 3 month?

    Thanks for any help.

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