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    Default Hairs with J hook in shedding phase

    I am 1month post op, and in shedding phase. I have a lot of shedded hair with a "J hook" shape.
    Some doctors on internet are saying that this is happening due to poor technical implantation and poor handling with grafts during procedure.
    What are Your thoughts?

    Thank you

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    Jesus ... the things you have yo read. Not you. But those doctors.

    They have that shape because they elongated which means they survived. After implantation and being shocked by removing them from their blood supply and being on blood diffusion for several days before blood vessels attach to it the grafts goes into resting phase as you we all know. The fact that it elongated and created a J shape means it continued to grow when doing so.

    If the grafts would have been transected or dead it would not have not elongated.

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