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    Default Truth About Genetics


    I'm 29 and my father, both grandfathers and all my uncles have hair.

    Should I be safe?

    I read once that I will be bald if my mother's father is.

    What is the truth?


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    It depends I think.
    I've read some materials of how to reserved the situation of hair loss or some types of problems, not sure if i can paste the screenshots here, but i think the way they explain the why and how from a professional scientific perspective.

    Here's some part of the article,I'll paste here's below, hoping it could help:
    If This One Thing Called DHT Is One Of The Reasons For Hair Loss…
    Can’t I Just Stop It Somehow And Prevent My Hair Loss From Happening Too?

    It seemed simple enough and so I began to spend every waking hour I could in front of my computer researching how DHT works…

    Exactly why it causes hair loss…

    And how I could prevent and possibly even stop this dangerous steroid so I could not only reverse the effects of balding…

    But also help men to prevent painful, emasculating prostate cancer.

    Ultimately this research is what would bring me to the easy-to-follow, natural, and inexpensive hair loss prevention method I’m going to share with you today.

    And I’ll go ahead and explain everything to you right now.

    The first thing you need to understand is what DHT is and why it causes hair loss.

    DHT (also known as dihydrotestosterone) is what’s called an “androgen steroid hormone,” and it’s found inside your body.

    Specifically, DHT is made when your body metabolizes your testosterone.

    In other words, DHT is what happens when body takes normal testosterone and then turns it into this steroid hormone.

    Now, having a little DHT in your body is okay; but as you get older, your body begins to transform more and more of your testosterone into this steroid.

    Not only does that lead to lower testosterone levels (and the weight loss, lower sex drive, constant fatigue and hormonal imbalance that goes along with it)…

    And an enlarged prostate gland, which can turn cancerous…

    It also leads to rapidly accelerating hair loss.

    Here’s why:

    Usually, you grow and keep every single new hair on your head for a period of between three and six years.

    And once each of the hairs on your scalp reaches the end of the growth cycle, it falls out and is replaced by a new, healthier hair.

    As more and more DHT enters your bloodstream however…

    A little bit too long...
    If you want to read more just click this:


    PEACE & LOVE❤️

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