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    Default 2500 FUE with Dr Ball Ė Maitland Clinic


    It was your 'Kyle Christie' video, featuring a picture of Dr Ball's work, that ultimately led to me choosing him, so thanks for that.

    So my thoughts...

    I met and interacted with a few clinics over the past couple of years. Iím fortunate enough that price was low priority for me and I was also willing to travel anywhere. I wanted the right surgeon and team the first time. I was unwilling to make any compromise and was in no rush to jump in and have surgery.

    This was my first HTP and the only other thing I have done in relation to my hair previously is take Finasteride. I am going to add Minoxidil to my routine, too.

    I met David Anderson in London in late 2019. Those who know David from the hair loss community will know heís had quite the journey with his hair. I like talking to people who have Ďskin in the gameí and know what itís like to go through the experience themselves.

    David sets the tone for the clinic. Highly knowledgeable, friendly, and patient-focused. There are lots of reviews about the Maitland Clinic where either David or Dr Ball have pushed people away from surgery, either to see what will happen on meds, because someone doesnít need one or is unsuitable for a HTP.

    That integrity is of fundamental importance to me. That sells itself and is something too few businesses appreciate.

    I met Dr Ball at his clinic in Portsmouth for a consultation. He spent over two hours with me going through every aspect of potential surgery. He is wholly patient-focused. The word Ďpassionateí is overused, but Dr Ball clearly loves his job. Ask him about it and heíll talk about it all day. If you've taken the time to learn a bit about the subject yourself, it feels like talking to an extremely knowledgeable friend.

    I had my pre-op consultation the day prior to surgery. Dr Ball once more spent over two hours with me and finalising every last detail.

    Due to my indecision I was still deciding whether to do FUT or FUE the day before surgery (poor on my part),but there are pros and cons to each (as you all know).

    Thankfully this wasnít an issue for Dr Ball and we talked it out over a couple of hours (heís never in a rush when with you) and decided I decided on FUE. My head was shaved and the hair design finalised.

    At 07:30 the next day I arrived for my surgery. I had blood-pressure taken, weight measured and some other basic health checks.

    Dr Ball operates upon one patient per day. You are the entire focus for the day, no matter how long the procedures takes. I was at the clinic for 13 hours or so.

    The clinic and theatre are immaculately prepared and clean. Everything is fully explained throughout and nothing is done to you without you understanding what is going to happen.

    I started off by having the numbing injections (local anaesthetic). The vibration tool they use helps reduce the sting, but theyíre no big deal. I felt nothing else throughout the rest of the day though topping up the injections and pain killers.

    Dr Ball began by designing the hairline by making the incisions where the donor hair would later be placed. Only he did this.

    After a break we moved onto extracting the donor grafts. This took over three hours and we were able to achieve the upper target of 2500 FU. Dr Ball extracts every graft himself.

    Once removed they are collected by a technician who then hands them to three other technicians who prepare the grafts for their placement. This includes separating the grafts under microscopes into 1s, 2s and 3s etc. The Maitland team even separate 1s into different categories to achieve a natural result.

    The team at the Maitland Clinic work like clockwork. Seamlessly transitioning from one phase to the next. They are consummate professionals. They are all for personable, engaging and have great chemistry together. When appropriate, they are also fun and humorous (like when having a collective debate as to which radio station to listen to!). This all adds to making a long day relaxing and pleasurable.

    After the extractions, I had another short break before Dr Ball made some further recipient incisions due to the higher graft count (2500 was at the top end of what we were aiming to extract). The technicians then spent over 4 hours placing all the grafts into Dr Ballís designs. Again, I was able to watch TV / listen to the radio whilst this process was in progress.

    It was a long day but Iíd challenge anyone to look at any of the team and try and guess whether it was the first or 12th hour. A reflection of their focus and expertise.

    Once the grafts we placed I went through the post-care procedures with Karen and was given a bag containing everything would use in the following two weeks (neck support to sleep, ATP spray, a written plan and much more).

    The surgery looks immaculate and Iíve not needed to take any pain killers even on the first day after the surgery. I am months away from seeing the full results, but am confident that any variables in the control of the clinic were completed to the highest standard.

    I couldnít be any happier with the experience. Iíd suggest if youíre considering a HTP, at least meet with the team at the Maitland Clinic and have them as one of your options.

    I'd make exactly the same decision again.

    I have suffered baldness of the crown and front hair line. One of the big things I like about Dr Ball is heís very much thinking of the future. He isnít going to give you a hairline thatís going to cause issues later down the line if and when further hair minimises / is lost.

    I wasnít bothered about lowing the front much, just drawing a Ďline in the sandí and having a defined hair line. Dr Ball wasnít keen on any further lowering in any case due to the aforementioned thinking of the long-term Ė itíd have also used up more donor hair as the temples would have come into play.

    I think it was a 1800 / 700 split to the crown / front, but of course the crown will have more hairs relative to the FU count as itíll have a lot of the 3s placed into it.

    Iíve got a lots of donor hair left and Iíll see where I am in a yearís time. One of the things I like about Dr Ball is he seems to do so much with less hair.

    Here I am on day 4. If you want to know any more about my experience etc then ask away.


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