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    Default Great Regenerative Medicine Results on Hair Loss Patient - Dr. Cole

    Visible hair loss affects over 70% of men and over 50% of women. Furthermore, all men and women begin to thin globally on their scalps at age 35 due to aging. Hair loss is progressive and leads to low self-esteem, depression, introversion, neuroticism, and psychological impairment. Many patients begin hair restoration surgery at a young age. While hair restoration surgery can fill in areas of loss, surgical restoration alone does not inhibit future loss. It is imperative that all patients experiencing hair loss begin an aggressive regenerative medicine protocol, especially should they choose a surgical solution.

    In my 30 years of hair restoration surgery, I have seen many patients advance in hair loss over time. What was once a great result 30 years ago, is not a great result today. The reason is progressive and unrelenting hair loss over time. A hair transplant alone can do only so much. It is up to the patient to help us help him.

    This case demonstrates the value of regenerative medicine to not only fill in areas of loss, but to also prevent further loss. Responses like this turn poor candidates for hair restoration surgery into good candidates to restore hair surgically.

    All patients will respond differently to various products. Homologous products from other patients will vary based on the donor source. Some patients will respond better to one product, yet some might respond best to a “shot-gun” approach where multiple products are used simultaneously. Identify the best solution for an individual patient is the next step in genetic engineering. This will be followed by modifying biologics so that the best products meet the ideal patient.

    This video demonstrates the benefits of regenerative medicine and how such an application can turn a poor candidate for hair restoration surgery into an ideal candidate for hair restoration surgery. This is the state of the art in hair restoration. It is highly important to recognize that not all products are the same. Some products are excellent and some are not. It is up to the patient to locate the physicians, who deliver the highest quality products.

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