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    Default Skin problem, growig hair loss.

    Hi everyone, first of all I just want to say that Iím not sure if this is the right place to post it. I just thought that maybe someone here has had a similar experience and could help me figure out a solution. Sorry in advance if this is unfit for this place, but Iím just looking for help anywhere I can.

    So I have issues with my scalp's skin. I'm 27 right now, Itís been going on for at least 10 years now. Iíve been to few doctors and tried different things, but nothingís helped so far.

    I have a really dry skin, for years I thought that it was just recurring dandruff, but a few doctors now confirmed that's not it. The skin on my head is very dry, yet at the same time gets really, really oily if unwashed for a longer period. There is dry skin is all over the place. It almost feels like there is a crust over my whole scalp and it looks like it's snowing every time I touch my head. There is also a really bad build up or residue on the hairís roots. That is probably the reason for them falling out. Often the fallen hair have a huge (relatively) bulge of dry skin/residue at the base.

    The worst parts are the itching and hair loss. Both of which have gotten a lot worse recently. I lose a fistfull of hair every day. They are everywhere, Iíve put in some photos of what my head looks like and how many I drop. The first two photos of the head are right after washing it and the third one is after 2-3 days without washing at the end of the day. The photo of the sink and the bathtub outlet are from one application of minoxidil (or anything else that requires rubbing into the headís skin) and the shower after head washing respectively.

    Iíve been taking vitamins, went through different meds, solutions and had few diagnoses, all of which seem to be wrong. Iíve also gone through laser hair regrowth therapy. Supposedly the cause was a poor blood flow to the headís skin and thatís what was causing it. The therapy was meant to fix it. Well, after 3 months the hair did regrow a bit, but the itching, flaking and hair loss never stopped and I lost all the hair that regrew within a few weeks of stopping the therapy.

    Another doctor suspected allergies to be the cause, I got a bag full of meds, shampoo and something called Elocon. The itching and flaking went down for about a week, then everything went back to the way it was before.

    Also, I donít know if this has any relevance, but I have quite a bad depression which got a lot worse about a year ago. That is also around the time the head situation got far worse, but the symptomes were always there. So I donít know if it is linked directly. I also used to wash my head every singel day with shampoo, but stopped that over a year ago. Thank you in advance.
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    I thought about wigs and dismissed them for now because life is too short to be washing two lots of hair. Also, it would be horrible if some (probably expensive) wig flew off my head in public. I'd be mortified.

    As a hat lover, I am looking out for caps and beanies in sales as well as cheap scarves in cotton, silk, viscose wool and rayon - breatheable stuff, because it will be on my head.

    Watched some YouTube tutorials on tieing turbans (variously African, Sikh, Muslim), tichels (Jewish) and hijabs (Muslim). I managed to recreate one style so far, but I wouldn't feel confident in public this because it keeps sliding off.

    One of the hijab tutorials mentioned a hijab cap which the hijab scarf clings to and it's invisible under the scarf. I thought that might work for a tichel/turban creation so found a few websites and ordered some - really cheap, like one was 2.50.

    While I was looking on a website, I found shampoo for covered hair. Covering hair for most of the day can make it smell (eww), get oily (ditto) and fall out so I ordered some of the shampoo to try. I don't want to add to my hair problem.

    So I think I have a regime sorted to look after my hair which is making me feel a bit better, like i'm doing the best I can to coax it to grow. I can get plants to grow..

    Now i'm looking for cheap breatheable scarves and hats. Did I say I love hats ?

    I am hoping hoping hoping that my hair grows

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