Day 6 on finasteride 0.5mg daily - nipple tenderness + noticeable swelling -
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    Default Day 6 on finasteride 0.5mg daily - nipple tenderness + noticeable swelling

    So I bit the bullet and started finasteride at half-dose (0.5 mg daily). After day 2, my nipples were definitely sensitive (more like an aura around the nipple area, but no visible growth).

    Day 3: similar, getting very excited about continuing this drug. no sexual side effects, but an aura around my areola.

    Day 4: visible swelling and paranoia occurs. I thought no way - no way finasteride can wreak havoc this fast on my hormones for me to grow tits on day 4.

    Day 5: Undoubtedly growing, with a sort of pulsing/tenderness around nipple area. it will randomly get erect and feel very "full". No lumps are felt, however.

    So my questions are:

    -has anyone else had this?? From my research it seems that many get tenderness but some go away and some become full fledged gyno.

    -Would reducing the dose to 0.25 mg help? or even 0.125 mg?

    -would topical finasteride have less of an effect of breast enlargement/tenderness?

    ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!! Please don't delete my post I am relying on you guys to help me make swift decisions.

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    This happened to me when i started taking finasteride (brand name propecia) couple years ago. I started off with .25 so a quarter of a propecia pill and started getting this sharp pain around my breast area and some puffyness no sexual sides though if anything increased sex drive which finasteride can do cause its increasing your test so more estrogen meaning gyno can happen so I started taking DIM and zinc to help fight the estrogen and it did help to some degree but over time i kept taking Fin and powered through and it just went away. Now with gyno there is a place of no return so you have to watch it carefully but if you see no growth of swag to the nipple i would power through start at lowest possible dose and take it like once or twice a week and see how your body reacts and up the dose from there if no sides. i take now 1-1.25 mg every other day with good results. Hope this helps.

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    thanks for your reply. I didn't take my 0.5 mg pill today and i have no more tingling on the nipple, but my breast area and nipple are 100% swollen.

    I may consider doing 0.25 mg eod but at this point, I may be one of the unfortunate people that react terribly to this drug.

    To be clear, did your nipples/breast area DECREASE in size eventually? or did they stay puffy, and just maintain at the increased size?

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