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    Hi I can't seem to get the front leading edge of of any system I use to lay down correctly. I have tried ghost bond xl,premium, and walker ultra glue. How do you get the invisible look? Can someone please help, I wear my hair back with exposed hairline. Thank you

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    Pull your eyebrows all the way up. Where the skin begins to turn harder thats where your front hairline should start and put the glue across that hairline. Rub that glue a little back up your head and let it dry. Put on the hair piece very carefuly and it will take a few tries to get it right. There are also a number of videos on youtube how to do this. Hope that helps.

    btw, where do you buy your hair pieces from? Currently I'm on MHE but looking for something better.

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    Hi thanks for getting back to me, as far as the hairline, I know to do the 3 finger above the nose so that is not the problem, I just cannot get the leading edge the stay put. And I am having trouble when laying the lace down it keeps folding and creasing in different areas. I have tried Lordhair as of now. This is my very first system I am going to try Lavividhair a chance. The price is great with Lordhair, but being a newbie I would not know a good system from another. I watch Curtiss videos all the time from MHE. Is system looks totally fab with his hairline, I like the front contour.

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    3 fingers is good for younger guys, if over 30, I would do 4-fingers.

    Sounds like a difficult piece as when flat it should be ok to tape.

    What's your country? I might be able to make a recommendation

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