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    Default Angered by Sky News Comments

    Angered by Sky News Comments


    I am not sure whether I am overreacting?

    I was watching sky news on Saturday evening & sky presenter Anna Botteng was discussing the ‘Black lives Matter’ protests in London. She then went on to say sadly the event was hijacked by ‘shaven headed’ men, from far right groups.

    It upset me that she seemed to be suggesting that shaven headed males were menacing, or that a shaven head was in some way associated with racist thuggery.

    I feel compelled to complain to Sky News over the comment. Am I right to do this or am I being too sensitive? I fear many balding men considering shaving their head, may be less inclined to do so, as a result of ridiculous comments like this. For a Sky News presenter to suggest there is a link between a shaven/bald head and violent, racist behaviour, I find hurtful and baseless.

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    Yeah, me too. You're not too sensitive. Relax.

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    I do agree with you! Actually, it doesn't make sense. Since when have shaven headed males been associated with racists? Sky News is just crossing the line! I understand that media has the right to freedom of speech, but it doesn't mean that its allowed to offend other people. I'm just upset with such violations of rights. I remember that case about caylan ford's remarks about terrorists who were treated unfairly. She was falsely accused of white supremacist remarks, although, her words don't contain any trace of racism. Anyway, maybe if we complain about these things, we'll manage to change something...

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    You are right no one has to offend people, including on the basis of racism. Since this, in turn, entails an increase in crimes for various reasons. And I think this has partly to do with raising awareness about free speech. I studied this topic and used a large selection of material on the educational portal At the same time, I was able to use the tool for checking the text for originality. It helps a lot.

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    It seems to me that no matter what a person looks like, he can aggressively support Black Lives Matter or be very loyal. The importance of the Black Lives Matter movement is visible everywhere in any country and regardless of gender, race or other type of person's distinction. The main thing is your own beliefs and desires.
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