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    Default Hair transplant Turkey experience

    Hi, I just wanted to share my experience of a hair transplant surgery and hair loss in general to help other men in a similar situation to me.

    I am 25 years old from the UK and started receding at the age of 20. This is male pattern baldness and it runs in the family(dad+brother). I am now a Norwood 5/Norwood 6.

    Initially I started out using topik/hair loss concealer, which was good initially but not ideal for extensive hair loss. I also tried hair systems, which was just not for me unfortunately.

    I would have gone with a hair transplant a few years ago, but I couldn’t afford it or justify it financially. I started looking at clinics online, there were thousands of clinics!!! This became really overwhelming as I simply couldn’t decide on clinics. So as sad as it sounds, I made a detailed spreadsheet of all my research on hair transplant clinics. The factors that I considered were:
    - Doctors involvement in the surgery
    - Doctors accreditation e.g. ISHRS,ABHRS etc
    - Techniques of surgery and how the clinics maintain the quality of the grafts
    - Impressions of before/after pictures on the clinic website
    - Online reviews & actual patient experience
    - YouTube reviews & actual patient experience
    - Cost

    Out of all the clinics I researched, there were only a handful of quality clinics. So I contacted the clinics that were the best asking for more information.

    I ultimately went with Dr.Tayfun through Gethair.

    I contacted Kaan aksoy(gethair staff), who was fantastic with me. He was very honest and set realistic targets. A lot of other clinics were quoting an unsafe number of grafts or making promises that simply cannot be met.

    My plan for the surgery is a total of ~4000 grafts, where 2500 would be densely packed in the frontal area and a further 1500 in the mid scalp and crown area.

    Gethair usually offer 3 packages, the main difference being the doctors involvement in the surgery. I chose package 3(the best package)where Dr.Tayfun does all the extractions and incisions himself. I didn’t see any point in having the procedure done if a hair transplant doctor wasn’t going to have any input.

    I paid an initial deposit, and booked my flights to Turkey in a few months. I will keep you guys updated on my experience and results throughout this next year. I am nervous but also excited to get this done finally.
    Hopefully this can help some people make a decision.

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    Did you end up getting the HT?

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    Hello everyone.
    I wanted to share my hair loss (then gain) journey with you. Because it had gotten pretty dark for me for a while, but now I'm much better. I know that many men like me experience this, and I hope this can inspire someone else.
    I started losing hair in my early twenties and it was pretty hurtful to experience this when you're still young. I used min/fin and countless shampoo alternatives. I even used specialized soaps that would help me with my hair loss, but none of them worked.
    I was really depressed about my hair loss. My dad still has full hair, even though my grandad was bald. I guess the baldness skipped a generation for my luck.
    I started looking at hair transplant clinics, but there were so many options, and none of them was cheap. My family is middle-class, and we can't afford any kind of surgery for my "vanity." But I really wanted to get a hair transplant as it was my last option. After graduating from uni and working, I started saving for surgery and re-evaluating my options. Turkey has many options for hair transplant clinics, so it was hard to choose just one. I started eliminating the clinics based on their profiles. A few of the things that I considered:
    • The location of the hospital in Turkey
    • The clinic's medical staff
    • The background of the doctor who would give me hair transplant treatment
    • Online reviews and word-of-mouth
    • Affordability
    I narrowed them to ten and contacted all the clinics on their websites. I eventually chose Dr Ekrem Keskin at Capital Hair Center, and I'm at peace with my decision, but I got all I wanted. Dr Ekrem Keskin talked to me about my hair loss problems, put my hair and scalp through tests to see whether I was eligible for hair transplants or not and finally gave me possible yet realistic results after my surgery.
    I got FUE sapphire with 3700 grafts for my scalp's frontal and crown areas.
    Capital Hair Center presented me with optional packages when it came to cost. It's less than you expect, especially if you are heavily invested as me. After paying the deposit, I booked my plane ticket and went to Istanbul. Capital Hair Center was responsible for my hotel and car services. I was comfortable and didn't suffer any discomfort.
    I hope what I just wrote helps someone else who also goes through hair loss and feels upset about their changing appearance.

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