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    Default My FUT donor scar stretched and has bare areas. Options going forward?

    Hi everyone! My name is Ryan and I had 2 FUT surgeries with Dr. Scott Boden about 10 years ago, totaling a little under 3000 grafts (combined).

    I find as I get older, I would prefer to have a shorter hair style than I originally did when I had the surgeries. However, my strip scar did stretch quite a bit so I have bare areas above both my ears. I壇 love to get some advice on what to do next (if anything).

    Below are some pictures I just took. I buzzed down to a #5 just for you guys!

    The right side in particular has a spot about an inch long where virtually no hair grows at all. This is the area that bothers me the most.

    The center of the scar I知 relatively satisfied with, but moving along to my left side you can see it begins to widen and go bare again.

    Researching this, I do see that scar revision is an option and can work, but there is a chance it could stretch again as it heals if the patient is prone to stretching. Does that sound about right?

    Researching FUE, which I知 leaning towards, I do see varying opinions on the chances of success when implanting grafts directly into the scar tissue.

    Would any of you mind taking a look over my photos and giving me your opinion? Is there anything I should considering when consulting a doctor?

    (Sorry mods, I did try to embed the pics but they kept showing up sideways. I値l gladly fix them if needed if someone can tell me what I知 doing wrong).

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    Seems like FUE into scar is your best option. Scar revision you have to go through that whole removal and healing process again.

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