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    Hey, People. Me here (mid 30's Latino mixed, Mexican. Engineer NW1.5 almost 2)

    This is some history about my case.

    I started a very slow loss of hair since very young, 20y/o or so. Did not really cared at the time since it was not alarming and my dad has a full head of hair, currently he is in his 60's, with minimal thining. However from my mother side all my uncles have some degree of hair loss.

    Never investigated nuch at those times since I found ways to cover the receding temples and I started using minoxidil in my mid 20's. Worked wonders to keep my hair and thickening beard, as well as hair all around my body.

    That was until around 5 years ago that I got a horrible shedding of 400 hairs if not more daily. I got super scared. Granted at the time I worked graveyard shift, ate like crap and has no excercise, since I am naturally skinny well it did not appear to affect my health (yeah, right). I ran to see a dematologist who prescribed finasteride, cutting 5mg into 4, so I took 1.25mg a day; also to continue on minoxidil and added ketaconazole shampoo.

    I kid you not, this stopped my hair loss dramatically. In 2 weeks I had gone from 400 hairs to around 20. I was SO excited! I felt like I had beaten nature, so I went on with my life and improved my health habits. It is worth to mention I had very slight sides that disappeared on 2 weeks whe I started Fin.

    Fast forward around 1 year I started noticing again the horrible shedding. WTF was hppening?! I went to the dermatologist and well She said nothing I did not know. I was devastated. I did not want to be bald for a very specific reason; I had an accident when I was a kid that caused a huge scar and deformation on my skull. Otherwise I would be okay with just shaving my head, since my family have ok skulls.

    I started investigating more and more. Got to 1.25 twice a day + ketakonazole everyother day + minoxidil twice a day 1ml. No result for one year

    Tried 5mg of dutasteride + ketakonazole everyother day + minoxidil twice a day 1ml for 9 months. No result and just slight mental fog as sides. Dutasteride is very expensive to keep.

    I swam on medical research. Tried microneedling, and no result, tried topical spironolactone for a couple of months and just got a really nasty smell on my head.

    GOD I even thought about reshaping my skull! And since no good FUE transplant surgeons are around my city and I was not going to spend a fortune in a bad surgery.

    Then I investigated about 2 Gen antiandrogens and after a lot of research I decided to try Bicalutamide, it seemed pretty safe to use, (take safe with a grain of salt).

    Fast forward two months of treatment this is what I have found:

    • Disolved Bicalutamide in liquid minoxidil 5% to get a dosage of 10mg of Bica and 2 ml of Minox every day.
    • 1.25 Finasteride in the mroning
    • Ketaconazole shampoo every other day.

    Shedding stopped massively. Hair slowly thickening

    On the begiginning I got minimal lightheadness that receded in a week or so. Had some problems of very liquid semen, a very minimal decrease of sexdrive. All this is slowly disappearing. No complains from my girfriend, if you know what I mean.

    Steps to follow:
    Decrease to 8.3 the dosage of Bicalutamide daily and see if improvement continues as expected.

    As you can see, this is a constant struggle; however I am hopeful.

    Will keep on posting updates.

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