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    Default FUE with Keloid scarring

    Hey all,

    I'm on course to take the plunge with my first HT.

    Does anyone have any experience with patients that have are prone to Keloid, undergoing FUE? As a teenager I had an accident which resulted in a minor Keloid on my shoulder. I've since had 2 minor injuries to the back of my head (stitches), neither have resulted in keloid. I've also had my ears pierced twice, no keloid.

    I've found very little information online with regards to this topic, and only one case studied where the keloid has become apparent post surgery. Is this because surgeons aren't treating these individuals? Or, because the risk is very low?

    I've read some surgeons stating risk is v.low, as scalps heal differently to other areas of the body.. Whilst some are saying they do minor tests as a precaution.

    Looking forward to feedback

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