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    Default Taking the plunge- Central London Hair Clinic- PICS Help & general advice please!

    Hi all!

    I'm about to turn 37 years old and and my hair started thinning in my mid twenties.... I coped with it for a few years and aged 34 opted for a hair system.

    It looked good for the first 2 weeks of every month but a hair system is a hassle and I was always stressing that it was noticeable, which it must have been at various times of wearing it.

    Anyway- Corona meant that I couldn't go to my stylist to get it "changed" so I decided to shave it off and give my scalp some hair!
    It hadn't seen the day of light for 3 years and felt amazing. I've obviously not seem my scalp much for 3 years and does appear that my hair loss on top has got slightly worse- especially the crown. I'm told that the hair system may have accelerated that process, I wouldn't be surprised at it was relatively painful taking it off every month!

    Anyway, as I have savings on the side I've decided to go for a hair transplant. Finding a good clinic is clearly the difficult part and I've gone through a load offering 50% off and so on which actually put me off as I'd rather pay more but be sure that the clinic is reputable- I actually can't see how you can cut corners as any surgery, especially your hair is so important to get right!

    I've settled on a Harley Street Clinic- hoping it's the right one but it appears to be. They've suggested I go for 2000 grafts, does this look right as it appears to be not many considering my hair loss?

    I need to book tomorrow- exciting but frightening at the same time!
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    No one? Got to phone in 2 hours and a bit panicky

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    Did you go ahead with it?

    I would personally say you need more grafts than this

    I am based in the UK and went to the Harley Street Hair Clinic and they said they could only give me 1800 grafts which I knew from talking to other Dr’s that it wouldn’t be enough.

    I eventually went to Dr Bisanga in Belgium and he gave me 3200 grafts in one day.

    It’s a little more expensive but he has hundreds of incredible results, I have only seen mediocre results for the Harley Street Hair Clinic.

    Take the plunge and go to Europe and out of the UK, you won’t regret it!

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    Hi there,

    Be aware there are a few clinics who go under the name “Harley Street” who offer hair transplants.

    I personally had mine with “The Harley Street Hair Clinic” and very happy with the results.


    Visit my website: SPEXHAIR Watch regular segments and interviews on The Bald Truth UK show


    Subscribe to my YouTube Channel : SpexHair Youtube

    I am not a doctor or medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions expressed are my own unless stated otherwise. Always consult with your own family doctor prior to embarking on any form of hair loss treatment or surgery.

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    SPEX- I'm booked in with HSHC, same as yours!

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