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    Default 1 Year Progress (THE BIG 3) w/pix

    Hey everyone. So i have officially been on the big three for 1 year. 1 year ago today i started taking pictures of my hairloss. 10 pictures, once a month. Its something I always wish more people did on these forums, so I thought...why dont I just do it.

    so, after a year, honestly i have no idea where i stand after going back and looking at the pix, so I was going to leave it up to you guys to decide. I feel like I have continued to loose some hair. I feel like when I fix my hair, I can tell a slight difference.

    I am really only looking it in the temple areas, more specifically the right side.

    so, I have included the pix and my regiment below....please comment and let me know what you think. its been a long year........and i think by this time i can actually judge if the products are working or not...


    1.25mg Dr. Reddy's Finastride / per day
    5% Rogain Foam / every morning
    15% ******* (Dr. Lee's) / every night
    5% Spiro / twice a day, morning and evening
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    I also wish that more patients would take quality photos on a regular basis during the first post-op year. From the photos I do not see any significant differences. In some of the images there seems to be a slight improvement while in others it almost appears to be a bit thinner. It has always been debated as to whether or not any of the treatments you are using has any real effects in the frontal and hairline areas.
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    The photos go in order from Mid September 09 - September 10. The first photos were taken with the iphone 3g, while the newest ones were taken with the iphone 4, (MUCH better camera) so i know it might be tuff to see a difference.

    my question is...since its been a year...and everyone says "give the treatment at least a year" does this mean that this is what i can expect? or is it possible to see improvements past the year mark?

    I know i cant just stop treatment...and ive never really had any sides from any of the meds, so i dont see a point in stopping, especially if they are helping me maintain (which i can deal with haha)

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    I can't really see any change. Honestly I think that maintaining hair is the best most of us can hope for when it comes to the hairline, and that alone makes treatment worthwhile.
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    I guess no change is good. what sux...is im staring to notice some shed at my crown. when I look at it, i can see through my hair in a small spot and ive never been able to do that before. I thought the finastride would DEF prevent that. I am 29, and started it at 28, so i thought catching all of this so early would help.....but i guess is maintaining is all i can hope for, thats better than loosing it.

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    come on guys, 360 views and only 4 replies. id like to hear everyone else's feedback. i know we are all dealing with the same kinda stuff since we are on this forum. any feedback is welcome

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    Looks exactly the same overall.
    Have to be happy with that...

    any side effects from the fin?

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    thanks Perin. from the fin, i notices a slight decrease in libido, but nothing crazy, and that went away after a couple months. also, i added the spiro about 6 months into my regiment, and noticed a bigger libido hit from that, but again...just stick it out and it goes away and things are back to normal.

    again, thanks for the feedback.

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    Comparing the first straight to the last, i can see an improvement, looks thicker to me, good luck

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    Main purpose of taking the meds (big 3) is to MAINTAIN what you have and based on that i think you are looking good.

    Meds are known to mainly benefit the mid/crown areas , not the front.

    Keep taking them IMHO

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