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    I got a hair system last week and Iíve installed it twice. Each time it wonít last more than 3 days. I have a lace base with poly perimeter. I use walker ultra hold glue.

    The first time I probably used too much glue, I didnít let it dry and become tacky enough before placing it on. I also only used one layer (one on my scalp and one on the hair system).

    The second time I removed all the glue and washed the hair system with dish soap to ensure it was free from adhesive remover.

    I applied a thin layer of glue to my scalp and to the hair system and waited five minutes for it to become tacky. I then placed it on. Here we are three days later and it and entirely come off. The glue isnít even sticky itís become greasy.

    The only thing I didnít do was apply the glue in multiple layers which I read helps.

    I donít see how this could ever last 2 weeks or even a week at this rate. I didnít even work out this week so I wasnít sweating or anything like that. What am I doing wrong?

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    Default Base sealer

    I would like to offer some advice for you. I am a hair replacement technician and I think you may need to be using a base and knot sealer on your system before bonding. TDI hair, knot and base sealer is a great product that has never failed me in my 26 years of experience. It is applied sparingly (spray) to the underside of your system and dried with a hair dryer before applying bonding. I never apply bonding to the system, only the head , 3 thin coats , drying completely in between each (until clear). Feel free to hit me up with any questions you may have, I don't mind helping others at all. You should get 2 weeks out of a bond with a lace base. It could be your bonding but before changing that I would start simple with the sealer !

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    If my scalp or system isnt particularly dry, or if I dont apply downward pressure for a few minutes or sleep on it or undertake sweaty exercise within a few hours of attaching then my system will struggle to bond. Also when its humid its not gonna last me my usual time.

    You could try a scalp protector.

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