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    Default Scalp concealers - Prothik

    I am a new member here and posted something the other day ( hair rants ) about this product. What I should have done was what I am doing now and inquiring if there are any other members who use ProThik scalp concealer.


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    Really??? over 700 views and no one on this site uses proTHIK?

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    Hi Steve,

    Prothik is a fibre product, much like more renowned names such as Toppik, Nanagen Fibres and Caboki. You sprinkle it onto your thinning hairs, it attaches to these hairs and makes them appear thicker therefore concealing any balding. You can then use a fibre locking spray such as the Nanagen version to seal these and this will protect it from the elements. It's always best to wash it out each evening or early morning. Also wear a scarf or something around your mouth and nose whilst sprinkling, you don't want to be inhaling these minute fibres.

    Check out some youtube videos for correct usage, you don't want to overdo it. I actually used them (Nanogen/Caboki) for years and no one was none the wiser. Furthermore they are cosmetic only and will do nothing to slow down your actual hairloss. To do this you might want to consider going down the medical route.

    I hope that helps you, feel free to contact me direct for any other help or guidance.

    Kindest Regards

    UK Patient Advisor for Dr Tejinder Bhatti
    Darling Buds Hair Transplant Center, Chandigarh, India
    Tel +44 7708 018667 (call / text / whatsapp)
    Tel 0800 634 8588 (UK Toll free number)

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    ProThik, as a product is very good. They have had issues lately with clogging, shortages, and failure to communicate. In their defense, I think some regulations changed forcing multiple reformulations. It was much better before. The stuff can create miracles when it works. But be prepared to clean your bathroom often. Nature of the beast!

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