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    Default Hair Transplant guidelines post Coronavirus

    Hair Transplant Consultation post Covid 19 - important guidelines

    Dear readers,
    In the post Coronavirus world, elective surgeries (non life and death situation) will face a situation good doctors and prospective patients will have to adjust to.
    Hair transplant happens to be one such surgery.
    Following are some guidelines :

    1. In a first step, patients will have to learn to do more meticulous research.
    - become a detective and go through website and anyother social media platforms the doctor/clinic maybe using to do their digital marketing.
    Your fight will be against SEO of google. Google doesn't understand ART. Google understands keywords etc., and a specifically designed webpage can dupe google
    algorithms so that particular site appears on the first page.
    - become a photographer. Period.
    Honest pictures and videos are something one needs to learn to take so that you can convey your current situation with your doctor during online consult.
    At the same time you will learn how pictures can be morphed using adobe (creating fabulous results where they don't exist).
    Learn to see through such morphing.
    Look for a) high resolution large pictures
    b) videos in ambient lighting without hair concealors in hair.

    2. There are some things for good hair transplant doctors to implement in their practice.
    -Get online and get your patient online. You need to sift through the patients and choose only those who are good candidates BEFORE calling over/meeting the patient.
    This way one can minimize unnecessary patient travel and possible exposure.
    -Just as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) is a red flag when it comes to accepting a patient, similarly its strongly recommended that any patient not willing to
    FIRST take a detailed online consult for any reason should not be accepted. Both for safety of the doctor, staff and other patients.

    3. Help the potential patient to understand that in today's changed world a large chunk of the pre and post op care will be online. Unlike older times, when a face to
    face meeting and spoken reassurance was the norm, it will not be so any longer.

    4. For future patients, please note that the doctor may have multiple people questioning him/her online. There maybe delay.
    Go through the FAQ section so as to avoid unnecessary repititions.

    5. Once the online written consult is finalized, you may be surprised as to how many of you do not require a surgery. That is the time, you may schedule for a video call
    by whatsapp, skype etc.

    6. After having crossed these free but necessary steps, the patient may visit the HT centre for a face to face consult (where necessary).

    7. For doctors and HT centres, please do not let greed take the better of you. There is no need to risk lives of your staff or your loved ones.
    Learn to say NO to people who try to be pushy and asking to make exception for them.

    These above are 7 initial guidelines for the pre op consult stage.
    More about precautions about actual surgery soon.
    Dr. Arvind Poswal

    P.S. - Please visit our online consult page to understand the necessary pictures and information required.
    I am not a Physician.
    My opinions need not be shared by Dr. Arvind Poswal.
    blog -
    website -
    email -

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    New Delhi
    Dr.A's Clinic,
    B-104, C R Park,
    New Delhi 110019

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    Thanks, i need this service. how i will connect you?

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