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    Default Finerastride: Any Advice is Appreciated, seriously

    Hey guys, I could really use some help here. So Iím 19, and about three months ago I noticed my hair had receded a little from when I was 14.... which is normal for most but baldness runs on my moms side. Soooo I ordered Finerastride from Keeps and have been on 1mg a day of that for about two months. I also use 50mg a day of RU58841. My main fear though is that I still have pretty thick hair, itís just because of how my grandpas hair went thereís a chance I could go bald in my 20s.
    Now Iíve ran steroids twice with decently powerful steroids and my hair never even changed that much while I was on those. But now as I read Iíve heard that finerastride at 1mg a day can make some guys hair even worse...
    This kinda sucks because on one hand Iíd like to have hair in the future (who wouldnít) but on the other hand what if finerastride makes my hair even worse somehow. Idk how thatís even possible because Iíve read so many studies that showed it increases hair density at like 86% success rates. Iíve definitely experienced an increase in shedding but no sides
    So please put your input in, itíll take two seconds and it could help me and anyone else who reads this out a lot, seriously.

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    #1, please stay away from steroids especially at your age. If you have any susceptibility for hair loss then steroids are a big NO. Why speed up hair loss just for temporary muscle gains that you will likely lose once off gear?

    Second, I'm not sure where youre getting that finasteride worsens hair loss. Youre either a responder (86%, sometimes higher depending on which study you refer to) or not. Maybe there is a rare case where finasteride has sped up hair loss and that got you spooked?

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