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    Default Propecia during lockdown

    Hi guys. New to the forum and looking for some advice. Hope you are all doing okay.

    Just for some background for six months now I've been taking propecia and it's going well. It took about 12 weeks but I'm starting to see a difference and not shedding as much.

    The bad news is that I'm about to run out of meds and I need a review from my doctor before I can get a new prescription. I go to my GP surgery for private scripts but the chance of getting an appointment at the moment seems slim! I get up first thing in the morning and call them but it's engaged.

    So I'm entering the world of online just until things are back to normal and looking for recommendations. Googling places to get it brings up loads of Canadian sites but I've heard they're not legit a lot of the time.

    Anyone know any good online chemists? The cheaper the better but if it's only a one-off (hopefully) I don't mind paying a bit more.


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    If your in the uk try Dr Fox you have to pay online a bit more for first script then you can buy 1mg finasteride for £18 a month or get it a bit cheaper if buying 3 months at a time he also sells the finasteride 5 mgs that is cheaper and cut it yourself me myself i have been using the 1mg thats manufactured by accord and i think that they work better than the 5mg i used to use and cut thats a bit strange.

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    Hi there,

    Email Dr Steve Edgar as he can help provide private prescription via Weldricks Pharmacy in the UK who I believe currently have stock of Branded Propecia 1mg.

    He also perscripbres 1mg generic , 5mg generic and 5mg Proscar at very affordable prices.

    He'll ask him to send you a questionnaire/consent form which you will need to fill in and return to him by email. Email him directly

    Dr Edgar is very helpful and efficient, so you should have no probs. He provides support with any questions.

    I hope this helps
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