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    Default 2nd hair transplant. Shock loss from previously transplanted hair ??

    Good morning

    A bit of my story: I started losing my hair early in my life( around 18 years old) It affected my self-esteem pretty bad.

    I decided to take action to fix it. I had a 3000 graft transplant with Dr. Koray in turkey in my mid-twenties. I had a good result, but the density in medium to high lightning was lacking. Especially outside, my hairline was quite a see trough.

    The whole goal of having a transplant was to stop thinking about my hair. I decided to see Dr. Hasson this winter to fix my hairline once for all and be able to stop thinking about my hair. In February, I had an extra 2300 grafts in my hair. Dr. Hasson dense pack the area and I am quite excited to see the result in a few months.

    I am now at 1.5 months post-op. All my new grafts had shed. My native hairs and previous grafts transplanted during my first operation have started to grow back. The thing is, it seems a lot thinner now than before I had my transplant. All the hairs growing back in my hairline from my previous operation are thin and wiry. My hairline and my temple seem gappy.

    Is it possible that the grafts I had transplanted during my first transplant went through some kind of shock loss? Are they supposed to grow back ?. I am not too worried about hair transection due to the expertise of my surgeon, but I never heard about a shock loss of previously transplanted hair. I would like to listen to what you guys think.

    thank you in advance

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    Yea its possible . They may or may not grow back. Time is the factor. One year mark. In my so called repair surgery, the doctor messed up the situation more it seems. My scalp hasnt recovered

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