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    Default I started Fin! Advice?

    Hey guys.

    I want to preface this with the fact I havenít receded in the 7 years Iíve monitored my hair. But it has slowly got a little thinner around the hairline so I thought, after all these years, to just take the leap and jump on Fin.

    Iím taking 1mg daily for the last 3 days so obviously nothing to report yet.

    Because my hair isnít in a bad state, Iím terrified of an initial shed.. any advice on this would be great. Is the initial shed horrible? I am massively concerned.

    I took this mainly to maintain. Growing back a little density on the hairline would be just a bonus. My crown has remained intact and I see no difference since I first checked years ago.

    So my hairline has quite a few small hairs on the hairline. And Iím scared losing these will make my hair look terrible. I know Iím starting before things get ďbadĒ but I thought this was was best? ....

    Im remaining positive! Iíll try update you on how things go.

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