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    Default Topical Dutasteride, 1%, amazing results

    I will not name where I get it to avoid people thinking I am promoting a certain pharmacy, clinic or brand.
    Concentration it's 1% and it's Liposomal.

    I am not taking any oral medication due to horrible sides on both finasteride and Topical Finasteride.
    I have no side effects on Topical Dutasteride. My serum DHT levels are 250 thus in range (250-750) for a 34 year old male. My scalp DHT is probably 0.

    My shedding stopped literally 48 hours after applying it for the first time. Went from losing 50 hairs a day to 3. I am now on TRT and lose maybe 5-7, not more than that.


    4 months:

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    Looks great! Where do you get it from??? I experienced also strong sides from topical finasteride

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