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    Default Post-Finasterid and Minoxidil rebound

    Hey guys,

    I am completely new to this forum but already read a lot here the last days and just wanted to start by thanking you all for sharing your valuable experience with the world! You advices and experiences already helped me a lot for my own situation.

    As part of my research before starting a treatment against my hairloss (Norwood 2,5 atm) I came across two rather interesting papers that both talk about a post-treatment rebound effect for minoxidil and finasteride.

    For the post-minoxidil rebound:

    "From our exhaustive study, topical minoxidil first accelerates transit through the exogen phase without otherwise affecting the duration of telogen and this early effect comes along with initiation of anagen. The influx is characterized by the rapid appearance of finer tips of fast‐growing fibres emerging from terminal follicles. These early events reflect at the scalp surface reactivation of pre‐existing resting‐dormant terminal hair follicles. Not all functional capacities are perfectly restored as reflected by the average slower growth rate in MPHL (untreated and treated) as compared with healthy controls. After combined drug regimen, that is oral finasteride with a once‐a‐day topical lotion, the effects induced by minoxidil rapidly vanish within the first month of interruption of the topical applications and may result in a hereto unreported rebound phenomenon with massive transition of the minoxidil‐induced follicles into telogen‐exogen."

    For the post-finasteride rebound:

    "While terminal hair (diameter ≥40 μm) were maintained “on‐drug,” within 30 months “off‐drug” MPHL significantly worsened as 94% terminal hair miniaturised and became unproductive. Accordingly, the viable drug responding follicles were qualified as “finasteride dependent” unravelling a hereto unreported “rebound effect” after interruption of the drug intake. Interestingly, the transformation of terminal hair into miniaturised hair occurred only after 12 months without treatment, that is the time necessary to complete a clinically significant full hair cycle initiated during the drug intake. This explains why exogen hair release and miniaturisation occurred only between 12 and 30 months “off‐drug” while resistant hair grew also slower."

    I would be super interested in your opinions on that! Especially if you think that for the post-minoxidil rebound the hair will regrowth after the telogen-exogen phase!

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