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    Default Finnastride shedding??

    Hi folk,

    Just looking for some help.
    Started Finnastride around 5 weeks ago at 0.5mg every day (for balding at the back of head). After only maybe 10 days I have been shedding 20/30 hairs a day (Even the fronts looking thinner) and this is still going on 4 weeks later.
    Iíve actually thinned out really bad on Finnastride and wondering if I should continue or not?
    I was taking minoxidil twice per day for 3 months before starting Finnastride and made really good gains; but thatís all been un-done lol.

    I know shedding is fairly normal on Finnastride but, shouldnít it have stopped by now?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Oh, 36 male.

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