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    As a rude shock I discovered that my hairline went up near my temples. While i convinced myself that it was a "mature hairline", in no time i started noticing 4-5 hair strands on pillows and 30-40 as i wash my hair once a week. Scared stiff, I approached a dermatologist who said "cant say..doesnt look like MPB yet..if you feel you are having lot of hair loss, I can prescribe propecia"... delaying the decision 3 months, eventually started finasteride (generic)...should say that hairloss definitely reduced with no sides.. however i still see 1-2 hair strands on pillows, 3-4 as i brush my hair.. and a couple at random places.. and this is scaring the hell outta me..

    Current Regime
    Finasteride (generic) 1mg - everyday (8 months)
    Multivitamin - 1 pill a day
    Minoxidil - started 2 months back..applying only along hairline on the front and temple regions.. i know minoxidil might not help front and temple, but no harm giving a try..

    Current Situation
    while finasteride has reduced my hair loss by quite an extent .. i still noticed my temples have gone a bit high (may be 1/4") since last 8 months.. and i still do notice few hair strands here and there .. the minoxidil has not worked on the temples yet...

    1. should i apply minoxidil all over my scalp (rather than just the front and temple hairline, as i am currently doing)... im sure some amt of hairloss might be happening there too..
    2. how sever would you rate my hairloss?

    i feel miserable thinking about my hairloss and how i can cope up with it... your replies would be greatly appreciated..
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    I think your hairloss is extremely minor to nonexistant the hairs all still look strong. My hairs at the hairline got wispy and moved with the slightest breeze. Your best bet is to stay on the propecia.

    you are always going to lose hair... thats normal. don't count hairs

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    You do seem to have early signs of hairloss and you're taking the right steps by using medication to fight it. I wouldn't worry about the hairs you see through the day. Everybody loses hairs, and if you only wash your hair once per week there will definitely be a built up of hairs between washes which will come out during the wash.
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    Donít panic, your hair is still incredible. Like MattJ said, you are doing the right thing and if you are only washing your hair once per week then you really are not shedding at all!

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    John whats your age?

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    many thanks for the replies...
    only question is - should i start using minoxidil too all over scalp? (currently applying along hairline at temples and front) ..
    @dgman - i am 25.. saw early signs of hairloss at 24 ..

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    Your hair looks great and almost anyone here would kill for what you have now. You seem to be taking the correct steps. Relax you are the only one that is noticing.

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