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    Default Experiencing Severe Post Finasteride Syndrome- HELP PLEASE

    Experiencing Post Finasteride Syndrome- HELP PLEASE!


    I went to a dermatologist not to long ago who confirmed I was experiencing mpb. He prescribed finasteride to take everyday. I ignored the risks as it seemed less than 1% of men experienced them, and that they go away after discontinued use.

    The first week I took it I felt completely fine. The second week however, I experienced some ED, as well as less energy, but I chalked it up to not getting enough sleep or just overthinking it. 3rd week however was when I started seeing development of gyno and severe ED. This is ridiculous I only took it for 3 weeks.

    I quit taking it right away, reported it took my doctor, who said it would go away on its own. 2 weeks later, I still feel the exact same effects, the gyno is still there, I have really bad ED, and really low energy all the time.

    I literally only took it for 3 weeks, how do I have pfs already? Am I just ****ed for life now, because of this? I honestly canít live in this state in day to day life.

    What am I supposed to do? The doctor I went to basically said, ďOh well, youíre ****edĒ in his own words.

    Honestly dont want to continue living like this.

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    If you only took it for 3 weeks then I can't see it having any permanent affect. It can stay in your system for approximately 4 weeks so if you've stopped it may take them few weeks for your system to return back to normal. In a few months time you could experiment with a smaller dosage, say a half tablet every other day and see how your body reacts. If you again experience negative effects then it is not for you.

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