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    Default I stopped using Minoxidil after 2 days - will I get side effects ?

    I ONLY used Minoxidil on my eyebrows because I wanted them to be fuller. And even though I only used it for the eyebrows, after the first application I felt that my hair on the head was getting thinner and brittle. I have used it 3 more times, the last time yesterday. But now I want to stop, because I read after a closer search that many men lose hair on their heads by applying Minoxidil on the face (beard). I wish I had known that before, because then I wouldn't have started.

    Now I am afraid that if I suddenly stop Minox I will experience shedding. I also shaved off my hair and hope that it will grow back healthy. Or do you think they will grow damaged and thin and also will start shedding?

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