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    Question MHR Clinic UK

    Hi All,

    First time poster here

    I;ve been considering my hair for many years now recently took the plunge by going into a clinic in the UK called MHR clinic.

    They went through treatment options for me and thankfully said I shouldn't need surgery.

    They did however say that they would want to tackle my crown and general density of hair with:-

    1. Low level laser therapy every two weeks
    2. A custom prescription minoxidil med
    3. 3 x herbal tablets
    4. Finasteride at 1mg per day

    For this they quoted £4,000 for a years worth of treatment

    I just wondered if this sounded about right, a good deal or overpriced?

    Also if anyone has had experience with MHR?

    Any help appreciated!


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    I'm based in the UK and have had a great deal involvement with UK patients for over 20 years. With all due respect i feel this is all a simple way to take your money based on your possible desperation and there's a company call AHS who do exactly the same ( who've not got the most ethical of reputations ), when you could simply.

    1. Buy a laser cap / comb ( I am not a big believe in them or their success ... ) for very little and use it way more than every 2 weeks....., you can use it everyday.

    2. A "Custom" Minoxidil will simply be minoxidil .....which you can buy a years supply for example here : Minoxidil foam for £130.00

    3. "Herbal tablets" ..... Treat your self and you can buy Vitamin B complex and a range of other tablets ( which will do very little to stop hair loss ) etc from Holland and Barrett for peanuts for hair health. See list here :

    4. Get a legit Private Gp prescription for over a years supply of generic finasteride £160.00 for example. This is what many informed patients do as a much more cost effective way of getting finasteride or speak to your own GP and the prescription for 5mg finasteride which you can cut into 5ths will cost you literaly £10.00.

    Info here on finasteride to help:

    You've been quoted £4000.00 for what you can easily obtain for £500.00

    Use the forum to gain confirmation on all i've said about and feel free to drop me a line if i can help. Don't rush into anything as you can easily save yourself a small fortune if you press pause and do a small amount of reading here.


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    Hey Spex,

    Thanks for the information.

    I believe the full run down of the treatment was:-

    1. Zinc Citrate oral vitamin
    2. Milk Thistle oral tablet
    3. Saw Palmetto oral tablet
    4. Saw Palmetto shampoo
    5. LLLT every 2 weeks
    6. The "custom" minoxidil. Now this was 10% stuff with azelaic acid and a proportion of alcohol that made it absorb better apparently.

    Everything seems pretty normal until I got to the Minoxidil - is it possible to get 10% minoxidil and just add the azelaic acid?

    He also said that Rogaine was a poor form of minoxidil as the foam absorbed more in the hair than on the scalp so he didn't recommend that?

    I'm inclined to agree now you've laid it out like that though - £4000 seems steep!

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    He is bound to down play Rogaine the absolute corner stone of MPB defence since the dawn of time in order to up sell you his stuff. Itís classic ! His gear is really not worth the £3.5kat all ...... look at the maths.

    If you read through and apply some common sense youíll save yourself a great deal of money. In my opinion.


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