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    Default Hair Transplant -- Decision on doctor -- In the US or Turkey?

    First time poster here. I've been losing my hair slowly for 10-12 years now and recently started taking finasteride. No sides*yet*. I'm a solid norwood 4 marching towards a norwood 6.

    I am now serious about getting a hair transplant and started both local and overseas consultations. I am based in Southern California, so I have some choices.

    Consultation #1: Neograft with Dr. Chaffoo (in person)
    Grafts recommended: 2000 @ $6 per graft FUE. Guarantee to fix if a problem with results.
    Upsell on PRP at $1K
    Total: $13,000

    I wanted to get an idea on the Neograft solution. I did not even speak to the doctor -- or see him. A sales guy came in and explained the procedure to me, eyeballed my hair/head and made this diagnosis. I asked if the doctor performs the procedure, and that was a no. He said they do one transplant per day, on average. Further research indicates that Neograft basically flies in technicians, and the doctors have nothing to do with it. But get a nice fee. Can anyone verify this?

    Consultation #2: AEK in Istanbul with Dr. Karadeniz (WhatsApp)
    Grafts Recommended: 5000-6000 hairs with FUE
    Package includes 2 night stay at hotel, transfers, lunch on the day of the procedure, etc. Platinum blade, follow-up day after with washing instructions, etc.
    Total: 2350 Euro or US$2650. Doesn't include airfare ($650), extra hotel nights 2 ($300). All in, I expect it to cost around $3500-4000.

    I'm a little worried about quality here. I know that Dr. Karadeniz is a chairperson at the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and certified by the ISHRS. And, seemingly, he's had some amazing results. Did not speak directly with the doctor as we were chatting over WhatsApp. I did also try to get an estimate from Erdogan (he said based on pics, donor area would not support HT. I just had a buzzed haircut, so I'm bummed that he took one look and was like -- Nope.)

    Consultation #3: Dr. Rassman in Irvine
    Grafts Recommended: 2000-2200 in FUT or FUE (4000 hairs)
    Total: $12,000 for FUT, $16,000 for FUE

    FUT would be done by Dr. Rassman in Irvine, FUE by Dr. Pak. The consultation from Dr. Rassman was top class. He took a measurement to determine donor density and also measured my hair, which is towards the fine side of the spectrum. Because of this he said that I may decide to use a couple techniques (including SMP) to get the coverage I need. He also said my hair loss is genetic (as opposed to other reasons like skin disease, etc). He really emphasized the front hairline over the crown and said he won't due mega-sessions of 3000-3500 grafts because of the overall trauma to donor site and grafting site.

    One other thing. They do not shave the area that receives the grafts, a big plus in my book. That is attractive. Also, their FUT surgeries left no scar, but he did say that part of that was genetics.

    My online research indicates that Dr. Rassman and Dr. Pak are part of the elite in this industry, along with Hasson & Wong and the Belgian gentleman. I do believe that they have movie stars and NBA players as their patients. Am I correct in this assessment? Is he a top Dr in this field?

    What do you guys think?
    Cost is a consideration, but not the defining consideration. I can easily afford Dr. Rassman, but it's hard to pay $8K more for the same results, even though the Dr. Karadeniz package would require a lot of travel and nuisance.

    Thanks so much for your comments and advice.

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    Having had an FUE both by a top player in the US and by Dr Cinik in Turkey, I highly recommend going to Turkey. It’s a very easy trip and they are pros. Still waiting for my result from my recent 3350 (2 months out now), but the process itself was far better.

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    would be interested in what others have to say on this too, specifically regarding Dr Rassman and Pak. I met Pak in person and i really liked him a lot. He seems like a great guy and i feel i could trust him. Only thing is I am not so sure how his / their work stacks up against the other top docs around the world

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    hi, i'm from London. all I can say is my istanbul travel was great. I had great results and experience with Dr Bircan. And cheaper but not low quality. My hotel was in the heart of fancy town Nisantasi. Hospital was across the street. DR's assistant took care of everything I need. i am sharing my story in

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