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    Default Advice / rec/ Norwood?

    Hi all- Iím 30 and have had thin hair for many years. In the past 3 it got worse but didnít really pay attention it until I got sick and needed chemo (testicular canc)

    Everything is fine now but as the hair regrew, I noticed a bald spot right at the crown, this was 7-8 months ago now. I started talking fina 1mg a month ago and honestly it looks worse than ever.

    So my questions:
    - what Norwood would you say I am?
    - should I keep fina? I donít want to add anything but is mino a must?
    - is this fina shed real? Or is my hair just getting worse that fast
    - am I a possible candidate for fue?

    Thanks ahead .

    First pic is the one post treatment and the rest are recent after 1 month of fina.

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    Hey man,

    Can see pics ......

    Good all is well - well done !

    FYI This chemo patient has a great response to GroMD Shampoo ana Follicle Spray.

    I hope this helps
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