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    Default Post hair transplant - wearing hats.

    Hello all!

    I understand after your HT you are usually given a protective hat from the company to protect your graft from initial damage and weather.

    I have been advised to no wear a hat or scratch your head or rub your grafts especially in the first two weeks.

    After this time the grafts should he permanent.

    after the two weeks you are told you can wear a loose fitted cap for the first month, you can then wear whatever you like afterward the first month.

    I work in a warehouse environment with vans coming in and out all day.

    I was thinking of wearing either a loose cap or comfortable beanie hat for the first 4/6 months at work only.

    do you think this will be a problem after the first month? has anyone else worn hats for the first 4/6 months whilst your new hair grows?

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    Wow, you must have been struggling a lot. I had a friend that also did a hair transplant, and he was also wearing hats for a while. From what I remember, he was buying his hats from,how was the operation going? I heard that this transplant is quite complex and pretty expensive also. By the way, I was wondering what made you do the hair transplant. If you want to chat about this, feel free to text me. I will be glad to have a conversation with you.

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    After 10-14 days, capillaries have built new connections to the grafts and are set. Some grafts won't be able to build these new capillary connections and won't survive (yield is never 100%). Keep in mind, you are healing. What are you healing? Traumatized hair follicles of course. In their weakened condition will need the utmost care until they come alive again. These new capillary connections to your transplanted grafts won't be roaring highways of blood supply. They will get better as you heal. You actually feel this happening as you recover (tingling in recipient area). The first few months are critical for graft survival. But you wouldn't be the first or last guy to wear headwear after a transplant and have successful results. But headwear after 2 weeks should be fine, though know the risks. Be honest with yourself too. Do you generally heal well from trauma? If not, might just go with a close shave to give your grafts the best shot at survival.

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