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    Default 21 and very WORRIED and CONFUSED

    I joined this forum, as I wanted some opinions and help, as my hairloss has been very sudden and strange. Although, I have been able to hide it really well so far, I'm not sure why this is happening.

    I will be attaching pictures with a timeline and extra information so you can get a better idea. It's probably long to read for some but I would appreciate any help.

    I have always had very thick good hair and even got many compliments about it.

    One day, my barber sprayed black hair fibre on my hairline sometime in 2018 January February, something a lot of black barbers use for enhancing. However, since then I noticed something unusual and that's how everything started - washed my hair and the fibre off after like 5-7days and noticed my hair corners looked just a bit thinner than usual but you could hardly tell. It wasn't bad so I ignored this.

    https://imgur.com/a/FFji9Fm - These pics were taken in between 2018 February - April...

    But after a short amount of time, I noticed very sudden and dramatic hair loss in my hair corners in 2018 August- mid September. I was studying for exams in this period and was kind of stressed and usually had 4-6hrs sleep. Also during this period, I sometimes noticed little hair on my hands if I lightly grabbed my hair (which stopped a after a few months). The dramatic hairloss change be seen in - https://imgur.com/a/VAmZ2Kp
    Decided to visit a hairloss clinic in London, which I found in google - the woman was also very confused about the dramatic sudden hairloss. She suspects it's MPB even though it's normally a gradual process. She later on told to me to use their high minoxidil+azelaic acid formula brand, which was very expensive. I didn't really believe her (and still can't) that it's MPB, especially since it was so sudden and also family members only got it in their very mature years and definitely not at my age...

    After some time, all of a sudden I noticed my hair looks way thicker and has regrown so much, I was so glad... https://imgur.com/a/tvslBiy - These pics were during 2018 November to 2019 January. What do you think? Not sure if this was because I had no/lower stress and also I started applying essential oils? My hair looked like this for a very long while. Though something different I noticed was that every single time I'd get a shape up, I'd get lines that looked like scars.. this always took many weeks to disappear. The barber found this strange also and that he hasn't seen this before. I could attach a picture of this if you think this is also odd?

    During summer I started working at a 9-5 summer job. At end of July 2019 I started noticing that my whole front hairline started to feel and look thinner. Pics attached here: https://imgur.com/a/m06nS1z . I stopped working in Sept

    https://imgur.com/a/2KfUo4w I noticed this big change around 2019 September

    https://imgur.com/a/zJTw9tF around 2019 October

    I took these pictures today - https://imgur.com/a/VXgi79R

    I guess you can all agree with me that the hairloss has been very sudden and weird. Is there any explanation to this? And what can I do?

    Seems like every time I go through a little bit of stress I notice changes in my hair?
    I'll be getting a blood test soon to see if everything is okay.

    About me: I'm 21 and fit, regularly go to the gym 3-5x a week. Balanced diet. There is some MPB in my family history, in both parent's sides. In both sides, they generally notice receding at age 40 or later, Not earlier. This is one reason why I find my hairloss so strange, I'm too young . I notice a lot of hair coming out when combing. Nobody around me has noticed the changes in my hair.

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