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    Default Marking Exosomes progress

    Howdy all,

    As of about 4 hours ago, I had 5CC
    of exosomes injected into the entirety of my scalp, primarily the hairline, secondarily the crown, and what was left was used on my mid scalp. If people are interested, Iíd love to share my progress with you all and see where this takes me.

    This is such a new and unpredictable treatment, and I wish there were more resources to gather information from. Iím going to help with this fallacy and hopefully provide insight for those who donít care to spend thousands on something that ďmightĒ work.

    I look forward to seeing how I respond!
    Let me know if this interests anyone.

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    Any updates forthcoming? I know it's still a bit early but many of the doctors offering this are indicating that they're seeing a response from patients far earlier than with PRP etc

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    Any update on this??

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