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    Default Hair loss and BPH

    I hope this is not inappropriate, here it goes.

    I believe that I am suffering early symptoms of BPH (enlarged prostate). I will have a doctor check me out to be sure, but I have enough of the symptoms that I am pretty sure that I do. I DEFINATELY have hair loss. No doctor needed for that one.

    My question is, if I do have BPH, would it be better(and/or less expensive) to go to a urologist and be treated for BPH and have the added benefit of medication for BPH helping with my hairloss, OR would I be better off going to a dermatologist for the hairloss and having the BPH be the secondary medical issue.

    Both the BPH and the hairloss are more of what i would consider annoyances, rather than serious medical issues.
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    Would you be able to go to a general practitioner and ask about both?

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