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    Default Hypochondriac but its been 3 years

    So it's been 3 years and i kinda got anxious about my hair again, i don't want to be a little bitch about it but what do you guys think? The last pictures are from a few days away
    Do i just have a shitty hairline or what?
    Cheers Merry Christmas!

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    If you’re really concerned, go to a decent hair transplant surgeon for a consultation. They will put your mind at ease. Plus if you are miniaturising/receding, they’ll be properly qualified and experienced to tell you what to do.

    Having looked at the images, there doesn’t seem to be much of a change.

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    You have a perfect hairline with 0 recession. I'm really envious. You don't have male pattern baldness, so stop worrying about this. You can start worrying if the corners of your hairline ever go back an inch from where they are now, and even then that could still not be "balding."

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