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    Default 34 YO going bald?

    I am 33-year-old woman. My family has hereditary hair loss problems. My hair has always been thin. I started noticing severe hair loss and bald patches a few years back and decided to visit a dermatologist. He didnít run any tests but after knowing my family history recommended me to use 5% minoxidil once a day. I started using it regularly since Feb-2018. I got some great results and was happy about it. Starting a couple of weeks, I am having to severe hair loss again (still on rogaine 5%). My hair is shedding like crazy and can see my scalp clearly. I am not sure whatís causing it. Has anyone had to experience this? Any help is appreciated. I scheduled to see the doctor next month.
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    We are the exact same age with very thin hair and hereditary hair loss problems. I feel you, sister!

    When you started shedding hair like crazy, were you going through a stressful period of life? Apparently stress is a huge hair-shedder, although it's an annoying answer. Especially since the stress of losing hair adds to the stressors of other things.

    I went to the dermatologist a couple of weeks ago and he did do a biopsy of my scalp but the results came back that I simply have Androgenic alopecia. I started Hair Stim, (a ****tail of prescription hair-loss medication: (Minoxidil : 6% Retinoic Acid : 0.0125%Finasteride: 0% Proprietary Base without Propylene Glycol: 30ml Applicator: Dropper Spironolactone: 0.5% Latanoprost: 0.0%).

    I am supposed to put it on every night, but the stuff wreaks so badly, (I have a very sensitive nose) that I need to wash it out every morning and I truly don't prefer to be washing my hair every day since that seems a little harsh to be doing to my fragile strands. I will not continue once this bottle is done. I have started iron supplementation at night after I'm free of food for two hours and I'm looking into doing a DIY-caffeine hair rinse since caffeine inhibits the growth of DHT. I'm also going to continue to research other solutions.

    What did the dermatologist recommend for you? I'm with you every step of the way on this.

    Big hugs,

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