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    Default Chinese, Natural or Herbal Medicine for Baldness


    I'm new here. I'm Chipper and an athlete. I am doing a research for my graduate studies on arthritis and Eastern Medicine or Chinese/Herbal Medicine. This is personal. I want to know if it works because I am losing my hair and I do know that eventually I will have to embrace baldness but I just want to delay it.

    I am affiliate with the site

    My study is focused on the use of Eastern Medicine or Chinese/Herbal Medicine hair loss. I heard there are two: aloe vera and lemon, that can make your hair grow back.

    Has anyone here had experience with that?

    Thank you very much in advance.


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    Won't work.

    The only things that work are the current FDA approved products(finasteride, minoxidil). Other things like ketoconazole has shown benefits as well.

    "Natural" things really hasn't shown ANY benefits.

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    Thanks... i will research about finasteride, minoxidil but would you know if these "natural" stuff has ever been even tested?

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