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    Hi guys. I recently took an involuntary month long break from finasteride. The moment I took the first pill I had almost immediate brain fog and felt terrible to the point where I spent the rest of the day in bed with the light off just because I couldnít focus on anything. Is this a common side effect or should I be concerned?

    On the box it says stop taking immediately if you experience depressed feelings and I donít know if this is an out of the ordinary experience or just my body adjusting to the medication again. I have had feelings like this on the drug in the past but never blamed finasteride until I took this break. It is also a different generic brand to the one I used previously, I donít know if these problems are more common with the cheaper meds. Thanks for any help.

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    From what I know, it's probably due to the rise in estradiol. When there is less DHT, there is more testosterone that is free to convert to estrogen (estradiol). I know a few things about hormones because I'm on TRT. When I started TRT I had the same kind of brain fog and all of that. I had to lower the dose and things are better. Some people are not as sensitive to these issues as others. I think you will have these issues no matter what brand you take because the hormonal changes affect you more than others.

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    Well I am not in favour of medicines to release depression.I even donít understand the concept of medical durgs for dealing with depression kind of issues rather than go for in deep counseling or mental therapies which I thing can prove far more helpful to tackle the matter.I visited nyc travel clinic in recent times and i was so surprised that they were following the same methods which i am sharing here.

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    Any unclear reaction after taking the medication is very dangerous. I once got poisoned with sedatives that didn't work for me because of stomach problems. I was given a gastric lavage and IVS. It was awful! After that, I found another drug. It's called etizolam. It suited me on all indicators and now I treat depression only with this medication. I advise you to consult a doctor! I buy my medicine here

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