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    Default Manual extraction vs motorized

    I was about to choose a famous Dr (let me say that he's Demirsoy) in Turkey who does the motorized (0.6-0.7 mm ) extraction himself (had been doing manual in the past but has switched to just motorized now) but then a comment on a forum made me concerned. Does motorized method damage the grafts and it's terrible? Is this true that "if one does a comparison of docs doing manual FUE and motorized, you will be shocked by how inconsistent and often outright poor the motorized results are"?
    Need your urgent help. That's my only concern about that Dr.

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    Motorised punches are used by lots of clinics, even some of the top ones in the world. Some clinic's/people will tell you one has advantages over the other but I don't think it's down to so much the tool itself, but the skill of the person who's hand the tool is in.

    Both motorised and manual punches in the wrong hands can damage grafts. Equally both in the right hands can lead to great results with little damage to grafts.

    End of the day look at consistency of the results coming out of the clinic. If a clinic has been using a motorised punch for 10 years+ and results have been consistently good, there's nothing to worry about imo. Same applies to manual punches.

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    It seems as though we have discussed this further on another forum. For those that have not viewed that thread, I will post a brief summary of my response here also.

    Regarding your question on the types of punch and extraction.*Many Drs/Clinics try selling themselves as only manual harvesters and claim it is superior. It’s a sales tool. The other thing they talk about is small punches. But small punches are great for the right patient in the right situation. However, there is much more follicle injury with small punches used in the wrong patient and in the wrong situation. The main thing is to avoid very large punches. Manual and punch size are sales tactics that a lot of clinics use to scare patients and encourage them to*schedule*with them. In reality, anytime a clinic pitch all manual punch or only small punch sizes, it is a clinic that you should*probably*avoid.**
    One has to correctly match the equipment and procedure to the patient. No two patients are exactly alike so it is important to have a selection of tools and a variety of methods to succeed in ALL patients. Therefore if a clinic "sells" one method and one punch, they are going to fail a lot of the time.*Every aspect of your procedure has to be individualised to your needs.

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    I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own.

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    "The tool is only as good as the hand that wields it". I've been saying this for years so great answers above.

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    Manual seems to yield more and if done in smaller sessions. Seems to be less risky probably for more hair textures including thinner.

    Motorized seems less risky for thicker hair and for larger sessions.

    Doctor factor also depends on this—- but then again some doctors have their techs or nurses extract so they can cater to more patients.

    If certain doctors does extract grafts directly via fue, they may and may not be as good as another doc as well. That is also a factor, yes. Some folks are not cut out for FUE with motorized or artas or anything. They may be cut out for strip work or vice versa. Honest pics and honest patient portfolios can probably show you more.

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