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    Red face I would like to have a hair transplant but I have a slight hair loss

    Hi all,

    I would like to have a hair transplant but I have a slight hair loss

    Will simple hair loss affect the results of hair transplantation?
    Can I have a hair transplant and then use plasma treatments and injections to keep the hair from falling out?
    Do I perform hair transplantation before the bald area becomes larger? (If your answer was that I have to keep the hair on the existing and do a subsequent hair transplantation after the hair loss stops.
    Will it affect me to do the transplant now and also at the same time I keep the hair that is now injected plasma)

    thank you all.






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    any replay?

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    Hi! Have you had hair transplantation now? İf your answer no, I think you need to 4000-4500 and you have to make it complete as if you have no remaining hair.

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