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    Default Getting a taste of my own medication - My hair transplant journey initiates...

    Walk the talk!

    Hi! My name is Abhinay and Iím bald (bald people anonymous anyone?)

    So Iím the bald guy posting all of these results from our Eugenix Hair Sciences. As destiny would have it, my scalp has finally gotten ready to undergo the procedure. Its amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

    I know that the Doctors have had this keen eye for covering my bald scalp for the longest of time. I am just glad that I was not kidnapped to be transplanted upon. I had this tremendous fear regarding the surgery. I am an IT professional and medical stuff is the last thing that I understand. I joined in fairly recently to take up the role of Operations head at Eugenix.

    Life has never been the same again. I did not know that this job required so much of energy and is in a continuous and never ending flow. That being said, I have obviously seen too many patients come in and go out after the procedure. I have seen young people as well as old people come in and get the procedure done.

    It would be embarassing to chicken out now!!! But on a serious note, I think I do want to have a good amount of hair on my head.

    My hair resembles a surf wave now. The entire hair from one side is combed over to the other to hide my baldness. It is no surprise that I am phobic of even the slightest gusts of wind. Actually Iím phobic of a lot of things Ė rain, swimming, jogging etc etc. I seem to have copied Trumpís hairstyle. The only difference is that he is orange and Iím not.

    I have seen so many of my colleagues get it done here too Ė Nelson, Dr. Shishir, Anil, Adarsh, Nitesh, DebashishÖ and so on and so forth. Seeing so many experimental bunnies and being around them everyday (and knowing how extremely low their threshold of pain is), I have gained confidence gradually to go for the procedure.

    So tomorrow is the day I get sacrificed to the God of hair. Kidding!

    Iím very excited for tomorrow and I have this bittersweet nervousness around me.

    Fingers crossed that I donít start crying like a little girl when seeing the injectionsÖ

    Have a look at my gorgeous pre surgery face below.

    Pradeep Sethi, MD
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