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    Default REALLY DESPERATE PLEASE HELP!! Finasteride 9.5 months

    No one was helpful on my last post so I'll redo.

    25 year old, used to compete in powerlifting. Did a bunch of AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids) cycles. I didn't notice hair loss till my 5th cycle but decided to quit after my 6th. Never had rage or health issues when i was on. Was good about dosing and monitoring bloodwork. Now I've been on TRT since last december. Started minoxidil on the crown in September 2018, started on the hairline december and started finasteride january 15th. I quit min shortly after as i got tired of applying it.

    Fast forward, 9.5 months later and I've gone from a NW 2.5 to a NW 4 with a very thin crown. WHY AM I STILL LOSING HAIR!?!??!?

    I have access to dut. Should i switch? I got my dht checked and its 10 (ref range is 15-45) and i wasn't losing hair rapidly when i was on huge doses of gear, just gradually. So why am i losing hair now?

    I've heard diet and stress can affect it too. I stress about my hair a lot..

    Looking for reassurance.. and please don't tell me to shave my head.

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