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    Default Dr. Lupanzula at Medikemos-Retrospective Patient Testimonial 2800 FU's

    Hi Everyone,

    I'd like to present a retrospective patient testimonial that I have taken from a French forum (please see below).

    This will hopefully give you an insight into our clinic and how Dr. Lupanzula and our team operate.

    JOHNNYBEGOOD17: 2800 FUE - Dr. Lupanzula (05-06 / 11/2018)
    by johnny be good 17 »07 Nov 2018, 12:00
    Hello everyone, I have just been grafted to Dr. Emorane Lupanzula in Brussels!

    Already I wanted to thank you all for your testimonies, it is partly thanks to you that I directed myself towards this doc, and I thank the initiators of this site which allow to see more clearly in the jungle of the hair grafts!

    So I introduce myself, John, 39, I have gulfs dug since my adolescence and as you all know it goes very often back with age! What pushed me to do the transplant is that in addition to the gulfs, I also had a "hole" behind the forelock that bored me more and more to make my hair cut brought forward because the hair from behind, denser, no longer covered this "hole"! A little technical but I understand myself.

    After more than three years of hesitation, browsing this forum on a weekly basis and meeting former transplant recipients, I quickly understand that it happens in Turkey or Belgium! I do not like the plane, it's personal and turkey is not a country that I find reassuring, so I decided to meet Dr. Lupanzula in Paris for a first interview! It calculates my density, which I need and tells me that it can intervene! I feel reassuring, I see that it is an enthusiast, he is not there to take me money without results, in short as I work with the feeling and that my feeling is good, I go home telling me that he will be the right person if I take the plunge!

    I let a year pass, various events make my alopecia gain ground, I call in March 2018 and I take rv with him for the month of November. He judges my need at about 2800 eggs distributed on the 1st third frontal.

    MY DEPARTURE IN BELGIUM. A friend receives me on Lille which is 1 hour from Brussels and as the morning rv is set on Monday at 6 am I book on site the night from Sunday to Monday and Monday to Tuesday. Via Gogle map, I enter the address of the clinic and I find a hotel 850 m, I reserve there, everything will be fine afterwards, 850 my foot is not a problem. I specify that the clinic provides on Sunday evening a private parking space for me, which was stressing not knowing where to park in Brussels ... first small attention that puts me in confidence.

    Monday morning, after having slept little because I do not hide that I was stressing a max (fear of pain, fear of a complication related to an infection, afraid of a failure !!! in short you may see what the you can feel the night just before lol !!), I get up, I eat copiously as advocated by Mr Lupanzula. I understood later, because the doc gives you an anti-inflammatory, a sedative and an antibiotic, and all this has fasting in the stomach, do not mix.

    So I go to the clinic on foot, a little scared, I expect that the assistants of the Doc receive me, shaves, etc., pending the arrival of the eminent Doctor and oh surprise: it's Mr Emorane Lupanzula in person who receives me! He opens the door of his office, it is remarkably clean, it's high tech, nothing is left to chance it feels! The fact that the doc in person receives you from 6 am, it may seem stupid, but it's super reassuring! In my head I realize that the guy makes the effort to receive you immediately, to explain everything to you, instead of entrusting that to a substitute ... what other practices do! I am super reassured, I confide my fears, he understands them and tells me that we do not graft all day but that it is his job! So we define the front line together, then I change, I put on and the doc in person shaves my head! The atmosphere relaxes, the doc laughs with me, in short it gets better and better, I tell myself again that I chose the good! The moment of anesthesia arrives so that the doc takes the grafts, and surprises, although some do hurt, sincerely, there is nothing unbearable! By dint of reading this forum, I had made a world and even if I recognize that it is not a part of pleasure, it is far from insurmountable! It turned out later that it is the bites on the gulfs and the frontal line that are more painful, concerning me at least! The doc starts to extract the grafts on the donor area while a team of assistants, such as working-class ants are busy sorting them out and placing them in a sterile environment. Arrived, a few hours later, the moment a little delicate of the implantation on the receiving area, the bites are rather painful but it passes quickly! The doc pre-holes the locations of the future grafts and leaves room for his assistants (Romain and Marie-Françoise for me), glasses microscopes to the eyes, and begin their work as designers! I must admit that if the doc put me in confidence because I saw an artist at work more than a doctor, the painstaking work of the assistants is no less impressive! I am entrusted with the remote control of the tv, I zap at my leisure while the assistants fill the holes that mr. Lupazula submitted to them. VS' is a bit long but I think I'm the least to complain! I did not feel any pain I tell you, it's important, if not during anesthesia on the gulfs! Around 4 pm, after implanting 2000 eggs, I am told that it is finished for today, Emorane Lupanzula comes to control the work of his assistants, it shows me, I see that it is very very serious all it! I am invited the next day for 6:30 this time, to finish the work of the front line about 800 ufs to complete part of the first one and draw the LF Emorane Lupanzula comes to control the work of his assistants, it shows me, I see that it is very very serious all that! I am invited the next day for 6:30 this time, to finish the work of the front line about 800 ufs to complete part of the first one and draw the LF Emorane Lupanzula comes to control the work of his assistants, it shows me, I see that it is very very serious all that! I am invited the next day for 6:30 this time, to finish the work of the front line about 800 ufs to complete part of the first one and draw the LF
    Back to the hotel, NO PAIN, it makes me hallucinate! I go to bed at 45 degrees as recommended by the doc! I sleep little I confess, afraid to damage the grafts and then because sleeping on the back is not my thing! I hold my head with a cushion of "plane" and hold my bust with a long bolster that I had bought on purpose to "imprison" my arms of the times that in sleep it comes to me the idea of ​​scratching without me report on it. I wake up unwittingly every half hour or so, in my opinion unconsciously to verify that I'm not doing a mistake on my grafts lol !!!! I take this opportunity to apply the saline solution that must be sprayed on the receiving area every 20 minutes until bedtime. Since I do not sleep,

    RETURN TO THE CLINIC FOR DAY 2: It is again Dr. Lupanzula who receives me, we shake hands warmly, he is really top doc, he has not the big head etc, frankly super feeling. He checks Evolution since the day before, tells me that everything is fine, makes me a shampoo where he describes me the care op pots that I would have to do and then it is left for the 800 grafts missing. It really applies to the front line, I see that he wants to ensure a great result in this place, it takes a lot of time for few grafts in the end but I understand that the LF is really a visual place that will testify to his work and my pace especially !!!

    VErs 11am, everything is over, I sincerely greet the doc and his team and I go back to Lille with my girlfriend who drives me down for a well deserved convalescence! I realize that it is done, that I had waited so long and that it is there I finally crossed the step! I hallucinate because at the time I write these lines (Wednesday and I was implanted Monday and Tuesday morning), I have no pain, the donor area is nickel, it wakes up and I have very small itching but then really nothing embarrassing, the receiving area is nickel, no pain or itching.Place photos, but I admit that I'm quite serene, I feel that it's a good job!

    ATTENTION huh, I'm not fooled, I know that the long waiting period has just begun, but as I know all your testimonies, I tell myself that I'm going on the right bases for the moment!
    I commit myself to give you a regular report of my evolution until the 12th month and even more.

    I will answer each of your questions because it is thanks to you that I went to this doc, so do not hesitate to ask me and comment my testimony!

    Dry hair pre-op

    Wet hair pre-op

    Post-op the next day

    Hello all!
    Small pictures at day 3 of the donor and recipient area.
    Everything is going well, I do not have an itch, it worried me a lot, but for the moment everything is fine.

    I shampoo in the morning by massaging the donor area without touching the ZR.
    I apply saline every hour now on the ZR. I do not see well but a friend told me that the ZD looks good to heal it is hardly pink ...
    Everything is going well, I have the right eye corner a little red, I suppose it's the hematoma that goes down ???
    Well, here we go.

    Hello everyone, but all of us are realistic ah ah!
    Here are pictures of this eighth day post op. I am applying the recommendations
    for the first time So for the first time in 8 days, I am approaching my receiving zone, at the same time as I apply my isobetadine shampoo prescribed by Medikemos.
    I have crusts that fall, dandruff same, I know it's normal and it does not worry me at all, I even find it clean for the moment!
    My receiving area does not pull me at all, I found all my feelings on this one and the hair grow back well.
    I am hallucinated to see that my new implanted hair grow at the same speed as the primitives around, I tell myself that it is a good sign, that the grafts have taken, but suddenly I dread the moment when I will see them fall before the period when they will go dormant momentary !!
    Here, you have to judge.


    Hello everyone;
    D + 10
    more crusts on ZR, they fell partly during the shampoos with isobetadine and in the form of dry films during the day!
    I dreaded that it causes grafts to fall with but they have remained in place.
    I know that the sequel is going to be less stuck with the hair that is supposed to get the hell out of there.
    I saw testimonials where the hair stayed in place, I say why not me too.
    That's it, good to have everyone else.

    Little up my dear friends (s) to tell you that I'm 15 days, and that in my head a step is passed! I really dread post op pain and I can assure you that it should not be a drag as it was for me.
    It's really not painful and so uncomfortable, I regret not having taken the step before, so I was afraid.
    I resume slowly running tomorrow, I think 20 minutes not more, but I want to move my legs, I am a very regular athlete and there, I can no longer my sedentary lifestyle.
    I have a question to ask you: Are there cases on the forum of people who have seen their hair do not fall from beginning to end, without going through the box "dormancy" of the bulb?
    Because even if I prepared myself for this quasi-obligation, I tell myself if it could hold until the end, it would be tip top!
    I also wanted to tell you that I was afraid to shave my skull and that many friends and even more importantly friends tell me that it suits me very well! 9A me good to go out without telling me that we will look at me wrong lol!
    What I find ugly is the billiard ball, but there, we still see a slight front line, it is less "rough" visually than shaved white.
    I send you these two photos, my donor area is impeccable and I think it can still provide a lot of grafts and my receiving area is doing great!

    Thank you for your remarks and answers to my question!

    Recipient D+15

    Donor D+15

    Hello my dear friends
    Here is what I look like after a month and 3 days. I lost I think half of the grafts but I have tiny regrowth on the gulfs and sparsely on the first third!

    I feel tingling sometimes as if it wanted to go out. MY hairstyle is absolutely ugly so I go out shopping with the bandana provided by the clinic. I tell you that my photos are ruthless since taken with sunrise on the face and meadow!
    My donor area is slowly recovering and I will give you a little up in the second month. The morale is good and I am very confident
    To soon my friends, I await your com ...

    1 month post-op donor area

    Hello everyone

    Little up to 2 months now, it is not seen in the photos but all the little hair start to come out on my gulfs full of place, and of course, all the first third grafted! it was already the case during my last post but it is even more obvious!
    It pecks a little and it takes a long time to grow but I feel they are there! Little precision, my gulfs were completely glabrous and all grafted hair did not fall; some have even grown up well, it's funny. For the rest, there are those who are still dormant and those who point the tip of their nose but who look like teenage down )), you know those little black hairs ridiculous that the teenager is allowed to grow on the "stache-mou"
    My donor area has recovered well, I will ask the hairdresser to equalize but even if I do not look like anything, I do not touch the top of my skull, too bad, it is winter and I do not go out much !!!
    At the gym, I do not look at myself in the ice so my pace does not matter much for this activity ... And at the time I go, there is nobody so it's good for me .
    That's it, I'm waiting for your opinion, instead of photos ...
    Ps: on the last photo, I have not done well to do the net because very close, but on my left gulf, you will see a group of two or three hair that is quite thick in the photo, these are grafted hair who have pushed even faster than my primitives and are already so thick, this group of hair did not fall in fact unlike 70% of others I would say, difficult to estimate! If we know why, we could do transplants without the hair that fell, t and it would be much more comfort !!!!!!

    little up to m + 3 my friends, everything is going well!
    My photos are ruthless (halogen spot 50 cm above my head) but I am more confident and delighted, it comes out everywhere, on my golf courses that were completely glabrous there's already a lot of hair, it's in a little behind the rest of the first third that was not glabrous, but I'm told that there are centianes of black dots in arrival so all is well!
    I await your comments if you are kind enough to leave me!

    Hello everyone;

    Here is an update at m + 4!

    I'm always satisfied, the front line is slowly emerging, the hair comes out by "bursts", by series.
    My spots bathroom are ruthless, but in fact, under natural light, I really begin to see a beautiful result that tip the tip of his nose (his hair if I dared to make you feel good! )
    Here are two photos and a photo said spots under artificial light and less powerful face, so you can see that the front line is drawn gently!
    I'm waiting for your comments dear friends

    Hello everyone.
    Small update, I begin to have a front line worthy of the name.
    I wonder if everything came out or not at m + 5 or is it only a thickening issue for the future?


    Hello everyone
    update 6 months.
    I look forward to hearing from

    Hello my friends
    Here I am at 7 months almost to the day, I'm always happy, no change, everything is out I'm sure and that dice the 6 th month, I thought that can be d ' other hair would come out but I am convinced that no !, the hair is a little thickened but here, not much different than m + 6, but I am once again, very very satisfied!
    My middle and vertex may need some later, so I should probably get back to it.
    I let you judge on the photos:

    Hello my friends, some photos at m + 8, I am ultra ultra ultra satisfied!
    At first, I put you pictures of me wearing, in full light and the last 3, in full sun canucile in my garden, not coiffé, or I realize that my middel and vertex will soon require a new intervention!
    However, on the first third, the hair has thickened thick, and I can do my hair and put me in the open air, so that's cool!
    Your opinion please for vertex middle and resulat my transplant is 8 months!

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    MEDIKEMOS Clinic

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