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    Hi folks
    Been a long long time since I posted on here. Over the years I've been ignoring my ever increasing receding hairline in the hope that an elon musk of the hair industry will announce a miracle cream that regrows hair with no sides.
    That's never going to happen....not in my lifetime anyway, so it's time to make the best of a bad situation and use what treatments we have available now.
    I'm already on minox but I want to get back on hair fibres.
    I tried toppik many years ago, and thought it was great but not without its drawbacks.
    If I ran my hands through my hair most of the fibres would fall out, the same as when I sweat and showered. (Also gave me crazy scalp itch)
    So, here we are in 2019, and I've noticed a dozen of hair fibre brands new on the market. My question is, who is using hair fibres, what brand are you using, and have they improved with staying on your head?
    I always felt like if I ever got caught out getting lucky with a girl who touched my head or a spontaneous dip in a pool, the embarrassment would be too much.
    So if anyone has any experience with the next gen hair fibres please share if you think they are worth buying.
    Many thanks

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    Dermmatch would solve all the problems you are mentioning.
    I tried it and it worked quite amazingly.

    In my case, I'm doing minoxidil and microneedling, and I'm worried that the dermmatch particles may decrease the minoxidil absorption or go deep into my scalp ><

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